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Toilet Repair in Seattle

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Every part of your plumbing system is important, however, there may be no fixture more vital to your day-to-day life than your toilets. Toilets give you a safe, sanitary, and simple way of disposing of waste that could potentially carry germs and diseases. Likewise, they also eliminate a ton of the problems that plagued society before the advent of public sewers, such as waterborne diseases and excruciating odors. However, toilets can only do their job if they are working properly, and problems can cause anything from simple malfunctions to potentially serious and catastrophic leaks if not properly repaired.

At Fox Plumbing & Heating, we offer repairs for all types of toilet problems, including working with all types of toilet fixtures. Leaking tank? We’ll find the leak and fix it. Frustrated by constant dripping? We’ll silence it with a proper fix. Whether you have water pooling up around the base of the toilet, flushing creates erratic behavior, or you simply don’t know what’s causing your toilet not to work the right way, you can trust the team at Fox Plumbing & Heating to solve the problem. We have seen just about everything when it comes to toilets, and we use premium materials and experienced craftsmanship to set things right again. We guarantee your satisfaction and stand by the work we do, including offering fast response and 24/7 emergency availability so your life can go back to normal as soon as possible.

Make the call to Fox Plumbing & Heating at (206) 654-4986 today if your toilets are giving you trouble!

Common Toilet Fixes

There are several common ways in which toilets typically break or stop working properly. This is fairly normal—considering important components are almost constantly exposed to or are entirely submerged in water, things will eventually give out and fall apart. This is particularly true for the plastic or rubber parts that are used to create seals and stoppers. Fixing these issues is generally simple, and our team of experienced plumbers can take care of them for you.

We can help with all of the following common toilet fixes:

Clog & Blockage Elimination

Toilets are essentially specialized drains, and that means the drain itself can become clogged or jammed. Whether by an excess of waste or by something unexpected going down the drain, Fox Plumbing & Heating can eliminate this blockage and get your toilet draining and flushing properly again in no time. We handle everything from blockages in the fixture itself to clogs in the toilet’s drain line and can remove the toilet to get access to the drain if necessary.

Toilet Replacement in Seattle

Has your toilet worn out? Looking to replace your current commode with a water-efficient alternative? Get the new toilet your bathroom needs from the team at Fox Plumbing & Heating! We install all types of toilets and can work with you to make sure your new fixture works properly. We can even haul your old one away for you!

Commercial Toilet Services

As a business owner, you know how crucial it is to have a working bathroom. Without a working bathroom, customers won’t stick around, employees will become uncomfortable, and you might even find yourself dealing with some pretty severe discomfort rather quickly. We offer repairs for everything from standard flush toilets to commercial toilets, urinals, and even bidets!

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