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Seattle Side Sewer Repair

Side Sewer Replacement

Your side sewer begins at and includes the connection to the public sewer system and ends at the point where it connects to your home plumbing system. This is usually 2 feet outside of the foundation line or your home’s outer wall. It is considered privately owned and maintained by Seattle Public Utilities (Seattle Municipal Code 21.16.190).

You may have side sewer problems if you notice:

  • Sewage in the lawn
  • Your basement drain is clogged
  • Your downstairs toilet is backing up

If you believe you are having side sewer problems, don’t hesitate to contact Fox Plumbing & Heating. We are available 24/7. Call us today at (206) 654-4986.

At Fox Plumbing & Heating, we understand how distracting and frustrating a side sewer problem can be. That’s why we ensure that whatever work needs to be done to repair your side sewer doesn’t add to your stress. We prioritize efficiency and keeping your home intact as much as possible, which means we will do as little excavation work as is necessary to repair your side sewer line.

How to Repair a Side Sewer Problem

Side sewer problems are often big enough that DIY is just not an option. Between the careful diagnosis, excavation, and installation needed, your best choice is to contact our professional plumbers at Fox Plumbing & Heating. We will come to your home and diagnose the problem without digging up your yard by scoping your existing line with a specialized camera. This will help us determine exactly where the problem is and how to proceed.

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