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About Fox Plumbing & Heating

Since 1964 Fox Plumbing & Heating has been providing plumbing services in King County. We are proud to serve and support our local community.

We at Fox continuously train our experienced and professional technicians to meet your plumbing needs efficiently and expertly. Our goal is to save you time, money and hassle.  This means keeping up to date with the best practices and top of the line materials to ensure you have the best service possible.

We are particularly proud of all the great comments we receive from our customers; it’s our top priority to provide the best customer service of any plumbing and heating company in King County.  We look forward to serving you and speaking with you in person or online. You can follow what we are up on Twitter @foxph or through our Facebook Page.

You will find a cornucopia of information about plumbing, kitchen and bath remodeling, product reviews, tips, news and fun information from around King County on our Seattle Plumbing Blog.

You can also get hints and insights on our Plumbing Blog where we welcome input from our customers and fellow business professionals on further sharpening our service skills to serve you better.

I invite you to read our company mission and my personal guarantee of Fox Plumbing and Heating’s service quality.


David N. Brown