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Seattle Water Main Line Repairs & New Installations

Fox Plumbing & Heating has been Replacing
Water Lines for Over 50 years

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Sewer Line SnakeWater Lines tend to break down over the years, and when they begin to go they can cause damage to your home’s foundation and landscape, which will also lead to high water bills.  Many homes in Seattle and King County were built before the mid-1960’s, and the piping is susceptible to rusting and leaking because it is probably made of galvanized piping (which is only rated for 50 years of service). If you notice any of these water line problems in your home then it might be time to have Fox Plumbing & Heating come out for a free estimate on a water line re-pipe. We are your local plumbing contractor for all your water main needs all around King County from Seattle to Sammamish, Kent to Kirkland, and Renton to Bothell.

If your Sewer Line was installed in the 1970's or beyond then it’s likely to be made of PVC.  Which can be susceptible to damage by chemicals and shifting ground and improper original installations.  But prior to 1970, most sewer lines were made out of concrete or clay, in 3’ to 4’ sections.  These older sewer lines are generally worn out with root intrusions in the joints, bellies in the pipes and just plain old deterioration.  Likely causing slow drains and sewer backups.

LCD monitorOld sewer lines must be replaced, relined or burst with new HDPE.  We use video cameras and electronic location equipment to thoroughly assess the damage.  And very high-tech trenchless technology whenever possible to save our neighbors and customers as much money as we can.  We work to replace worn out old sewer lines from your home to the street connection.


Fox Plumbing & HeatingWhen you’re ready for the best,“Think Out of the Box… Talk to Fox!”

What does David Brown have to say about Water Line Repairs?

Here is an interview with David Brown about water line replacement, and the technology that Fox Plumbing & Heating is using today.

Fox Plumbing & Heating Provides Premium Service

When Fox Plumbing and Heating provides service to repair, replace or build a new water line we provide our customers with a warranty that will cover parts and labor. Should anything ever go wrong,  we will fix it and make it right. We’ve been replacing water lines using trenchless technology for over 30 years, and we can usually have the line replaced for you in as little as half of a day to several days.  This depends on the depth and length needed.Mini-seesnake

Fox's technicians can quickly locate and repair or replace your water service problem.  We have specialists who are trained in locating, servicing and acquiring the proper authorization from the local municipalities.

In the many cases where trenchless technology can be used to replace a water or sewer line for your home, it will save you money.  Our trenchless technology spares you the cost, damage, and mess of digging up your yard when a water or sewer line replacement is deemed necessary.

We’re Available 24 Hours a Day, 7 Days a Week

Fox Plumbing & Heating Professionals are always ready for your call for a water line repair! Our team is fully stocked with the tools needed to service your plumbing, heating or cooling needs day or night. We are a one-stop service and installation company for your sewer, plumbing, heating, cooling, or water line repairs. That’s why we say, ‘Think Out of the Box… Talk to Fox!’

Located at 7501 2nd Ave. S, Seattle, we’ve been servicing all of Seattle and King County for over 50 years, and we’re looking forward to servicing all your needs for the next 50 years!

Our Customers Keep Talking About Us

Friends, neighbors, and customers keep telling us what a great job that we've been doing and you can see more of our testimonials here. Below are testimonials from our previous customers from Seattle and all over King County.



Fox Plumbing & Heating
Water Line Repair
Written by: Craig and Ruth
Date Published: 08/16/2017
We suspected a leak in our incoming water line and called Fox Plumbing and Heating. Fox came that afternoon and confirmed our fears. They were very courteous and professional. They quickly gave us a quote on installing a new water line, explaining in as much detail as we desired what they would do. We agreed and they installed a temporary water connection that we could use for the weekend. They returned on Tuesday, in a half hay had installed a new copper water line and cut-off valve. The next day after the inspection they completed the job. Overall they were skilled, pleasant, and efficient. We highly recommend Fox for any needed plumbing work.
5 / 5 stars