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Exceptional Customer Service from
Fox Plumbing & Heating

This is to acknowledge the extraordinary customer service I received while replacing my sewer and heating systems.  These people went above and beyond any customer service I have had in a long time.

  • Ryan B., who was first on the scene.
  • Rick M., who helped assess the damage and walked me through quotes and options.
  • Chad R., for giving me real sales choices that I could feel good about making.

A very big thank you to the installation crew!  They were outstanding.

  • Wyll and Brandon
  • Chad, Dillon and Jason
  • Kelly M., who took care of billing and scheduling quickly and flawlessly!

I had just replaced the sewer and heating system in my home at the same time.  From beginning to the very end it was an amazing experience.  I'm in the service and sales industry so I'm acutely aware of customer service.  Both teams went above and beyond my expectations.  The attention to detail, the respect they showed towards my home and my pets was just amazing.  We had just gotten done replacing the windows and the roof, and three months prior to the sewer and heating.  And we had had our bathroom torn-out and remodeled the year before.  None of those experiences was even remotely easy.  All three of them were very problematic, and I was inclined to believe that all big contracted services were a hassle.  My entire experience with every single employee at Fox Plumbing & Heating was perfect.

After researching plumbing companies and receiving $20k quotes with no explanation, and charging for services that were not explained or mentioned prior, I was confused and desperate.  I reached out to one of my clients who had heard that Fox was a reliable business.  My plumber, Ryan B., was first on the scene.  He was very honest and upfront about what was going to happen, what he was going to do, and how much everything would cost.  He was patient and knowledgeable.  He called Rick who was also very prompt and assessed the plumbing situation.  They walked me through my options and gave me the help I needed to make decisions.  The prices were fair and before you know it, Wyll and Brandon were replacing my sewer.  I really can't say enough about them.  They were professional and really cared about the job they were doing.  Wyll and Brandon saved my landscaping, driveway and cement walls from all the excavating.  Once again exceeding my expectations.  Their follow-up after the plumbing was done was also exceptional.  They put every little thing back where it was supposed to go and cleaned up everything afterward.

While all the plumbing was exploding, we had been researching replacing our ancient oil heater.  I had already decided on another company that I liked.  After meeting Chad, I knew that I would choose Fox to do the entire job.  Their team also showed up on time, again treating my home and pets with sincere respect.  Chad, Dillon, and James made sure they listened and installed everything where I wanted and made sure every detail was to my liking.

The power of word of mouth advertising reflects the quality of the company.  I will recommend Fox Plumbing & Heating to anybody seeking out the services you provide.

Thank you once again for making the experience easy and actually fun.  It was amazing.

Heather S. and family in Burien