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Sewer Snake

Your home’s sewer line are an intricate array of pipes that connect all sinks, tubs, and toilets to a main discharge line that is in turn connected to the neighborhood main line.  Fox Plumbing & Heating knows the importance of working sewer lines and how important they are at keeping you and your family safe while quickly removing waste from your home. But over time sewer lines can sustain damage and wreak havoc on your home and your family's safety.

If you have a broken sewer line, it can cause a huge amount of cost and stress for your whole family. You don’t want to add to that by having to pay for re-landscaping your front lawn.  If you live in Kent and need trenchless sewer line repairs then ‘Think Out of the Box… Talk to Fox!’  Our experienced, licensed and highly trained plumbing professionals have over 15 years of experience. Our sewer line replacement manager will ensure that your new sewer line goes in with no muss or fuss.  When Fox Plumbing & Heating leaves your home you won’t even know that we were there.

By Jadranka Simicevic, Raymond L. Sterling, U.S. Army Corps of Engineers Engineering Research and Development CenterFox Plumbing & Heating offers the most advanced and cost-efficient repair or replacement of broken, cracked and clogged sewer lines.  Our team of field technicians will quickly identify the cause of your home's problem and fix-it permanently! But don’t take our word for it. See what some of our customers say about Fox Plumbing & Heating, and then 'Talk To Fox' today!

What is Relining?

A traditional sewer line repair involves pulling and removing old pipes and replacing them with new ones. However, with a trenchless sewer line repair you get to avoid this by simply threading a new pipe through the old sewer line. This process is known as “relining” the sewer pipe. This process will create a new lining on the inside of your existing sewer line. This type of service can usually be completed in 3-5 hours, once it has been properly excavated. And a relining will increase the life of a sewer line as a permanent fix, because the sewer line is a PVC material.

Are Your Drains Slow or Backing-up!

Get service for your sewer system before things grow into bigger problems.
The sewer service team at Fox Plumbing and Heating can diagnose the problem and when necessary use video camera inspections to determine the best course of action to deal with your situation.

You can rest assured that we have the best in high tech diagnostic tools and several options for repairs and replacements to offer to Kent Washington homes and businesses.

Our team has been recognized year after year for the top quality service.
We'll help you understand every problem and your repair options, so you can make an informed decision about what works best for you and get your sewer working again.

Sewer Repair Services for Kent:

  • Sewer Drain Cleaning
  • Broken Sewer Pipe
  • Root Damage to Sewer or Septic
  • Separated Sewer Pipe
  • Grease Clogs


  • Corrosion
  • Sewer Leaks
  • Sewer Lines
  • Roto Rooting


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When it comes to sewer line repairs and replacement services, we at Fox Plumbing & Heating offer the latest and most effective solutions. This includes our signature sewer pipe bursting technology, which can save you time and money, guaranteed!

Signs That You Need A Sewer Line Repair:

Clogged sewer drain lines may be the result of a weakened pipe system, a total blockage, or problems with the pipe connections. Here are the some of the most common signs that your sewer lines are in need of inspection and possibly repair.

  • Carusoe ToiletWater backups into tubs or toilets, especially if the water is dark and discolored, usually means that the flow to the main drainpipe has been interrupted. A solid object stuck in one of the connecting pipes could be the cause.
  • Foul odors coming from drains and piping around your home could be an indication of a damaged sewer line. As sewage leaks out of piping, the smell will be more present for you to smell.
  • Water bubbling up to the surface of the yard is an indication of a broken pipe leading away from the home. This needs immediate attention.
  • Backflow of sewer water into the bathtub or toilet is a sure sign that the main line has been clogged. If what goes down the toilet comes back up, it is time to call in the experts for a thorough inspection.

When these issues occur in your home, your best option is to contact our plumbing professionals. We offer comprehensive sewer line repair services, which can solve even the most troublesome sewer line issues.

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