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The Importance of Indoor Air Quality!

Should I Be Concerned with Indoor Air Quality?


Heating and HVAC with Fox Plumbing & HeatingIndoor air quality is important for good health. The EPA, Environmental Protection Agency, recently stated that the pollutant level inside most homes is usually two to five times higher than what is outside. Examples of indoor air pollutants are lung irritants, allergens, toxic chemicals and gases.

The Impact of Poor Indoor Air

It is important to note that indoor air pollution hinders the air we breathe every day. These pollutants often put a great deal of stress on a person’s immune system and if left unchecked, can cause health issues.

Bad indoor air quality can affect a person in negative ways; depending on a person’s health and age. There are certain health issues that are directly associated with poor indoor air such as allergy symptoms, respiratory problems and an impaired immune system.

Poor Indoor Air is a Health Risk to your Family

Air ScrubberIt is important to note that young children are much more vulnerable to health risks associated with polluted indoor air because their lungs are still developing and are smaller in size.

Keep in mind, if someone in your home is having an asthma attack or suffering from some kind of allergy, bad indoor air may be causing the symptoms or making them worse. Poor indoor air quality can be caused by odors that linger, water damage in the home, poor ventilation, new furniture or a pet.

Steps to Take with Bad Indoor Air

To avoid bad and harmful indoor air quality, the sources of bad air should be taken care of or possibly eliminated. Pollution that comes from mold, smoke or chemical should be removed from a home as soon as possible. Good ventilation can keep most rooms clean and fresh.

Radon is an odorless and colorless gas, which can cause lung cancer and be a health threat to anyone in the family. Asbestos was used years ago and for those who live in older homes it is suggested to not disturb it but to have the air quality of your home tested to ensure that you’re not breathing it in.

Mold, Cockroaches and Dust Mites can Cause Harm 

Mold can accumulate quickly; especially in warm, humid conditions. Once mold spores develop, they will spread and cause uncomfortable symptoms such as wheezing, nasal stuffiness, skin irritation and asthma—especially in children.

Indoor Air QualityThe best thing to do with mold, once it has been found, is to remove it and then prevent it from reoccurring. Keep in mind, dust mites and cockroaches also leave behind things that can cause allergies and pollutants that can harm your inside air.

Chronic exposure to dust mites and cockroaches can be a real health concern to the elderly and children.

To conclude, indoor air quality is important for you and your family. To ensure that your indoor air stays healthy, talk with your local HVAC company.

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