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Tips From Your Neighborhood Cooling Specialst at Fox

Thursday's Temperature in Seattle is
Expected to Reach 81 Degrees

With sweltering summer temperatures approaching 80 degrees this week, many of you Seattleites in the Sammamish, Kent and Ballard areas will begin thinking about swapping your heat for your air conditioner. However, making sure you can maintain your cool isn’t as easy as flipping on a switch, especially after your system has remained dormant for several months. While you’re still transitioning and unpacking your summer attire, there are few things you can do to prepare for switching on your air conditioner.

The following these 5-steps from your Neighborhood Cooling Specialist, Fox Plumbing & Heating, will help ensure that your A/C system will continue to run properly from the first turn “On” through to the summer’s end:Honeywell Prestige

  1. Change your T-Stat Batteries: This may seem like a no-brainer, but this fairly basic step will help ensure that your t-stat is giving you proper readings. Typically, batteries should last roughly 24 to 36 months. Once they start weakening they can cause improper operation and other issues. At Fox Plumbing & Heating, we suggest changing them annually in order to avoid any unforeseen problems with t-stat operation. Especially with the rainy seasons that occur in Seattle and King County.
  2. Replace your Air Filter: The combination of hard use during the summer, and no operation during the winter can cause dust and other particles to jam up your air filter, making it fairly inefficient upon startup. The typical lifespan of an air filter can vary between 30 to 90 days. A regular filter-change will greatly improve your air quality and cool factor, as well as reduce the chance of an A/C breakdown when you least expect it.Daikin Mini Split Ductless
  3. Clean Debris from your Outdoor Unit: After you’ve taken a look at last summer’s indoor air filter, you can only imagine how much more debris your outdoor unit will be clogged with. Since the outdoor unit can be harder to clean properly, we suggest you call the professionals every couple of years for a cleaning. Your Neighborhood Cooling Specialists at Fox Plumbing & Heating are here to help with a full line of cleaning services. To find out more check out our Cooling Services page at
  4. Check Your System Visually: Similar to checking your car for issues under the hood, you should inspect your A/C system for signs of wear and tear. Pay attention especially to:
    Fox Plumbing & Heating  Signs of damage to the wires
    Fox Plumbing & Heating  Damage in the copper line insulation
    Fox Plumbing & Heating  Dirt or other debris in the duct work
    Fox Plumbing & Heating  Water stains
    Fox Plumbing & Heating Oil leaks
  5. Check Your Condensate Drain: Although this is the most simplistic part of the entire HVAC system, it can cause unsightly damage to your home with thousands of dollars in damage as a result. A small condensate leak in even a Mini Split Ductless system is all it takes for the worst to be at stake, but Fox Plumbing & Heating is here to help you protect your home and equipment from catastrophe.


If you want help in preparing you A/C system for start-up, don’t hesitate to call your Neighborhood Cooling Specialist, Fox Plumbing, Heating & Cooling for help call us at (206) 767-3311 to schedule an appointment!

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