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New HVAC Lead for Fox Plumbing & Heating

Fox Plumbing & Heating Promotes Bobby M., Moves
to Lead the HVAC Division


This week we sat down with Bobby M. to discuss a big change for him at Fox Plumbing & Heating. Bobby is seated at his desk in our trademark yellow and blue Fox Plumbing & Heating uniform. It’s neatly pressed, clean and his shirt is tucked in. He is ticking all the boxes of the model Neighborhood Plumbing Professional for Fox Plumbing & Heating.

Q: What’s the big news?

“I’ve been promoted to manager of the HVAC division. And I’m super excited for this wonderful opportunity.”

That’s right, one of the best and most trusted plumbers in Seattle and King County is moving from plumbing to heating, venting and air conditioning. As of the middle of May, Bobby M. is our newest manager at Fox Plumbing & Heating. With over 28 years of experience, Bobby has owned his own plumbing company in central California and has been an amazing addition to the family here at Fox Plumbing & Heating. He also won Plumber of the Year in 2014 for Fox. His positive attitude, upbeat personality and constant professionalism is why Bobby is the perfect person to be a leader at Fox.

Q: What are your plans for the HVAC team?

“I’m looking to help stabilize, strengthen, and grow this division. My goal is to make the HVAC division become as strong as our plumbing division.”

BobbyAt the end of March, Chad R., the previous HVAC manager, had a family emergency and had to move back to Arizona. While we were sad to see him leave, it left an opening for Fox to try something new. After numerous interviews, David Brown couldn’t find anyone who seemed to be both a natural fit for the position and embodied the Fox mission statement and dedication to premium service. That’s when he began looking internally for a solution. David said, “Bobby was an obvious choice for a position of leadership. He’s confident, clean and professional. People instantly trust and want to be around him when he comes to their homes. And he’s already been leading classes on the importance of customer service so the guys all know and respect him.”

Q: What have you learned in your role as a plumber that you hope to bring to the role of HVAC manager?

“I want to build up this division with quality people and provide the best options and service for our friends, neighbors and family. Customer service & satisfaction is my #1 concern.”

Bobby is keeping with Fox Plumbing & Heating’s mission statement, to provide our customers with premium service every time. And it’s our goal to treat our customers like friends and family, and create lifelong relationships with them.

Q: What’s your biggest challenge for HVAC?

“My biggest challenge in the role of manager of HVAC is going to be to try and keep a slim waistline.”

While Bobby admits it might not be the biggest challenge, but keeping healthy and in shape is a huge part of ensuring that he’s at work and on time every morning.

Q: What are your goals for HVAC over the next 12 months?

“We have over 50 years of experience and people who know us as the most trusted plumbers in Seattle and King County. My main goal is to build the Heating and AC side to create that same level of confidence with our customers. I’ll be staffing our team with heating and cooling technicians who will be able to support our customers and provide nothing but A+ service.”

Bobby seems to be pretty on target with the hopes and expectations of Fox to help reinforce the high quality of service that we provide to our friends and neighbors. We’ve been growing over the last few months with the amount of people who want to utilize Fox’s great customer service and premium work for HVAC. And now we have the right person in the right position who is sure to succeed.

Q: Do you have any concerns about how working with HVAC customers is different than plumbing customers?

“People are always people, and providing premium service is always about listening, engaging and helping people by doing quality work at a fair price. I’ve been successful on the plumbing side, and now I welcome the challenge of leading and being successful on the HVAC side of the Fox Plumbing & Heating team.”

You don’t win Plumber of the Year at Fox Plumbing & Heating just because you know how to talk-the-talk, you also have to walk-the-walk, and no one does it better than Bobby. Chad L., Service and Plumbing Manager at Fox, said, “I hate the idea of losing such a great member of the plumbing crew, and I’m looking forward to helping him be successful as a manager and leader here at Fox.”

The decision to promote from within comes from David’s desire to ensure that our team is the best of the best. David has teamed Bobby with Chris H., senior HVAC service specialist to create a winning team. Fox Plumbing & Heating is always looking for professionals and leaders seeking opportunities to grow and develop their skills in our industry.

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