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Tips from Your Neigborhood Heating Specialist

With spring just starting, it’s time to remember
to change that dirty old filter!
Especially if you live in Des Moines!

We in the Northwest are always excited when we finally see the sun come out. And while we’re pulling out our sunglasses and calling in with ‘family emergencies’ we sometimes tend to forget to do the little things around our homes. Like feed your pets, clean the shower or change that nasty old air filter. In this video, your neighborhood Heating Specialist explains the importance of changing your filter at least every 30 to 90 days.

Recently, we had a client in Des Moines call us out because she said that her furnace was making some horrible noises and just not able to warm the house. When our Fox professionals showed up at her house we found that she had failed to maintain her filter regularly. Dirty filters cause the restriction of air flow through duct work and can lead to repair costs totaling over $600.00. And that’s if your system doesn’t totally fail, which can end up costing around $3,000.00. With the average air filter costing around $9.00 this is a real simple thing to remember to save you money.

Clogged CompressorIn the case in Des Moines, our heating professional had to remove the entire blower assembly, clean it and then replace the capacitor. We’ve included a few pictures here of what can happen when you fail to replace your filters. We warn you that these pictures can be upsetting to small furry pets!

The dirty filter also caused the blower to fail and activate the high limit switch. This is a switch that is designed to protect your furnace from overheating in the case of a failure. And, as previously mentioned, this could have all been avoided if our customer had just done regular maintenance on her Carrier gas furnace.

Clogged Compressor As Chris mentioned, in the video, dirty air filters are the #1 cause of failures on furnaces. It’s advised that standard air filters be replaced every 30 to 90 days. And if you have a MERV11 or MERV13 filters, they should be replaced every six months. Finally, Electronic air cleaner filters need to be serviced annually as part of the regular system maintenance.


For more information on furnaces, boilers, filter replacement and installation then contact the professionals at Fox Plumbing & Heating. We proudly serve Des Moines, Seattle, Sammamish, West Seattle, Kirkland, Renton and the surrounding areas.

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