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Fox Plumbing & Heating Goes Green

CNG and Fox Plumbing and Heating

Fox Plumbing & Heating Moves Towards a Cleaner, more Independent U.S.A. 

Fox Plumbing and Heating has added two new vehicles to their fleet that run solely on compressed natural gas (CNG).  This makes us one of the first Seattle owned-and-operated businesses to make reducing our carbon footprint a priority.  Other local businesses such as: the Seattle-Tacoma International Taxi, Shuttle Express and Waste Management have joined the fight for a cleaner and healthier Seattle.

Fox's Green CNG TruckCompressed natural gas is currently being used in over 12 million vehicles; however, only 250,000 of these vehicles are in the United States.  Fox Plumbing and Heating is proud to be playing a supportive role in helping to reduce the nation’s dependency on foreign oil and greenhouse gas emissions.


Interesting Facts about Compressed Natural Gas
 1.  Natural gas has been used in vehicles since WWII.
 2.  Roughly 94% of natural gas used in America is produced in America.
 3.  By Using natural gas, you're helping to reduce smog-producing pollutants by 20-45%.
 4.  CNG produces 5-9% less greenhouse gas emissions than traditional vehicles.
 5.  AT&T, Disneyland Resorts, UPS and the National Park Service are just a few of the major organizations to move to CNG.
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  1. hi this is really a good blog.I read it and found it quite interesting and helpful Commercial and Residential Maintenance Services
  2. That is amazing to see a van running on compressed natural gas. There are many people where I am from in Cincinnati turning to electric for their maintenance vehicles which do not use gas if going under 35mph.