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Winter Heating Woes

Fox’s HVAC Team has Your Cold Room Solution

It is winter in Seattle and that means cold and damp. This is the time we pay the most attention to our indoor comfort and notice if and where our house is uncomfortable or cold. Fox’s HVAC Specialists are experts in cold room solutions and would like to share this popular choice.

Cold Rooms or Non–Ducted Areas

The most common complaint our HVAC Specialists get is that one floor, room, or area of the house is “freezing cold” and even cranking up the heat does nothing to fix that. Homeowners typically try closing vents that are not being used in hope that this will solve the problem. Closing vents does not solve it; in fact it can make it worse by starving your furnace of the air it needs to run properly. Lack of airflow will eventually shorten the life span of the furnace.

One of the main causes of this cold room problem is lack of proper ductwork and cold air returns, especially in older houses, basements, bonus rooms and additions. In many cases, there is no room to add ducts, it would be inordinately expensive, or the project would just tear up too much of the house to complete.

Cold Room Heating Solutions

Many of our customers find that the addition of a ductless heat pump in one room or area solves the problem. Ductless heat pumps can work side by side with any gas furnace or electric heating system. Take for example, a typical Seattle Craftsman house that has been remodeled several times and some of the rooms lack vents. It would be a nightmare to tear into the plaster walls to try to add ductwork. And then the added ducts might be too much for the existing furnace to handle. Adding a single ductless heat pump provides even heat to the area and solves the problem.

Ductless Heat Pump Options

While ductless heat pumps can efficiently replace electric heat throughout the entire house, these systems are modular, so they can spot fix one cold room. Ductless heat pumps are quiet, energy saving and easy to maintain.  In many cases, the cost to add a ductless heat pump may be less than tearing up walls to add ductwork to an existing system.

Are you looking for a cold room solution, talk to a Fox HVAC Specialist today.

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