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Winter Plumbing Problems

Winter Plumbing Problems You Can Prevent!

Safeguard your plumbing for winterWinter Plumbing Problems Seattle

Have you thought about making preparations to prep your plumbing for winter? As you probably know, pipes can freeze and burst in the winter when we get a prolonged cold snap here in King County.  Burst pipes can cause damages to your home that can be costly.

How can you make the upcoming winter preparations that can save you money on your utility bills and protect your pipes? Follow the winter plumbing preparation tips listed below:

Outside your home

If you have an outdoor faucet, make sure you disconnect the water hose. If there is an unexpected freeze, pressure can build in your water line due to ice. If that does happen, your water line may leak or break. Your outdoor faucet can be protected by installing a faucet jacket that is insulated.

Many homes have valves that can be shut off. The shut off valves, located inside your home, are for the lines on the outside of your home. It is very important to drain the outside lines. Some valves can be found in basements, beside your water heater, crawl spaces, and other places in the home. Not all homes are made the same, and every home may not have shut off valves.

Inside your home

If you don't have an insulated water heater cover, you should consider purchasing one. If your water heater is covered, it won't have to work extremely hard to keep your water hot. This can keep some extra money in your pocket because you can save money on your energy bill. When you circulate warm air, the pipes will be prevented from freezing. Let water drip from your faucet when you're really concerned about your pipes. Running water won't be able to freeze.

As winter time approaches us, you can start prepping your home for the winter days. If you need a hand, contact the fast, friendly professionals at Fox Plumbing and Heating and we will be glad to give you the assistance you need with Seattle winter plumbing problems or anything else that comes up.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great content, I really enjoyed the insign you bring to the topic, awesome stuff!
  2. Last year we had problems with our outdoor faucets and it wasn't even that bad of a winter! I can definitely appreciate how important maintaining your plumbing is through the winter months. I will be looking into a faucet jacket this year, glad I stumbled across this article.
  3. Your post is very helpful for those who wish to avoid headaches related to plumbing problems in winter. Thanks for sharing.