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Water Shut Off To Indoor Faucets & Fixtures

Plumbing Ideas, Tips & Safety For The Seattle Area Home

When a plumbing problem arises in your home and is confined to one of your plumbing fixtures then it's handy to know who to shut off the water supply to that one fixture rather than the whole house.

Fox Plumbing and Heating's Team member John will walk you through how to shut off various types of fixtures and how to identify which one to turn off.

Transcript :

Seattle Plumber: Hi I’m John with Fox Plumbing,

Today I’m going to show you a couple different ways to turn your water off.

We’ll start out here in the bathroom.

If you ever need to work on your faucet or toilet, do any kind of repairs to them.

You’ll need to turn your water of to them.

You’d quite typically come underneath

You should have shut off valves.

These are ball valve style.

So quarter turn.

So this is the cold side here.

So you turn them a quarter turn to the right.

And that’s off.

Same with the hot.

We can turn that off.

And since the toilet is really close here.

You’ll always have one (a valve) on the left side of the toilet.

Do the same thing.

Just turn it a quarter turn.

That’s a ball valve so if you ever forget which way is on or off.

When ever its inline with the pipe, its on.

When its perpendicular to the pipe that’s off.

And then,

To turn them back on.

You just turn them a quarter turn in the other direction.

Now that only turns the water on to this fixture.
It doesn’t turn the water off to the house or anything.

So know we will go take a look at the kitchen sink.

So here we are at the kitchen sink.

I can show you just like underneath the lav sinks.

You’re going to have a couple of them (valves).

On the kitchen sink typically you will find four of them (valves).

You’ll have one hot one cold, going up for the sink.

And a lot of times you’ll have two more down here.

One for a dishwasher and a cold one for “Instahot” or anything else.

Just like the lav, this is a turn style (valve)

So if you need to work on the faucet or change out the faucet.

Turn it clockwise to the right.

And that turns the water off.

Now this one here on the hot side has an actual gate valve, same thing

Its still a standard gate valve it just looks a little different.

You would take this one and turn it to the right as well.

This ones a little long winded.

Turn it all the way until it stops

then give it a extra just to make sure its closed off.

And that will turn of the hot and cold for your kitchen sink.

Now there are some fixtures in your house that have no shut off valves.

In order to turn those off to work on them you have to go to your whole house shut off valve.

Well go out there and check that out right now.

Here we have a one inch ball valve.

This is the line coming in from the meter.

So this shuts off all the water to your house.

So with the ball valve

its like the little shut offs we saw earlier underneath the lav sink.

Its just a quarter turn.

Take the valve, turn it a quarter turn.

That turns all the water off to your house.

Now if you don’t have a shut off valve in your house

because some houses don’t.

It would be a good idea to have one.

But we can also shut it of at the meter.

So lets take a peek out at the meter

and I’ll show you how to do that.

See meter shut off video at

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