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Trenchless Technology Saves Your Property

Fox Plumbers Provide Trenchless Waterline Replacement 101

You notice that your water bill is a bit higher than you expected, but nothing you can see in the house is leaking. Hoping it will just be a fluke, you wait until the next bill arrives, only to find more of the same. There is a leak somewhere, and it might just be in the waterline running to your home. It’s time to call a Fox Plumbing Professional.

History of Trenchless Waterline Technology at Fox Plumbing & Heating

Trenchless Sewer Pipe BurstingIn 1997, Fox Plumbing & Heating began using trenchless technology to replace sewer and water lines for our customers. Because Fox was one of the first companies to offer our friends, family and neighbors in Seattle and King County trenchless waterline replacement, we have over 30 years of professional experience. We are proud to provide affordable waterline replacement that is done right the first time.

Before trenchless technology, the only way to repair or replace a waterline was to dig up the waterline and anything on top of it including the yard and/or driveway. This highly invasive method displaces gardens, rockeries, paving, trees and fences, costing homeowners dearly in both time and money. The last thing anyone needs after the cost of replacing a waterline or side sewer is the cost and time to repave your driveway. It’s a good thing that trenchless technology is now available to solve these problems.

What is Trenchless Waterline Replacement?

Now imagine that instead of digging up your beautiful garden, our Fox Plumbers can send a new waterline by quickly boring a new hole and pulling the waterline behind it. It makes it quick and easy to replace it in one quick shot. Trenchless waterline replacement is faster and costs 50% less than digging up the current line and replacing it. This is the idea behind trenchless waterline replacement.

How Trenchless Replacement Works

Jose_2014Trenchless waterline replacement is done by shooting a brand new waterline from your home to the city water meter, all occurring underground. Holes are dug or opened at the home and at the city water meter. A directional boring machine pulls the new waterline behind it as it goes along. Everyone in Seattle is familiar with Bertha, the tunnel boring machine. In a similar way, our boring machine ‘bores’ through the ground making a perfect sized hole to pull the waterline behind it. As the boring machine goes along it pulls the new Q-Line pex waterline behind it, giving you a brand new waterline that is warrantied by Fox for 10 years. Our Fox Professional Plumbers then connect the new waterline to your home. This is a less expensive and time efficient way to replace your waterline, and is well accepted by city or county permit inspectors.

Is my house a good candidate for trenchless waterline replacement?

There are many variables that should be assessed when you have waterline issues. The best way get informed is to contact a licensed and bonded Fox Plumbing Professional for a waterline inspection. Older homes with galvanized steel waterlines or early polyethylene are prime candidates for replacement.

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