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Trenchless Sewer Repairs

Is Trenchless Repair the Sewer Solution for You?

By the time you learn that a broken pipe or sewer line is causing damage to your property, you probably have a headache already!  But what many Seattle and Bellevue area homes and businesses discover is what may have started out as a clogged drain or a funny noise has turned into a major problem that can severely impact your enjoyment of your home.  Fortunately, modern pipe repair technology can help you reduce the inconvenience, cost, and property damage that often comes with a pipe repair job.Bellevue trenchless sewer repair

Traditional pipe repair involves digging an open trench deep and long enough to allow for pipe access and repair.  Once the pipe is repaired, the trench must be refilled in accordance with your jurisdiction's plumbing regulations.  Depending on where the trench was dug, the pipe may need to be supported with "flow," a gravelly substrate approved by your jurisdiction's planning department.  After that, the surface above the trench--whether bare ground or a city street--must be restored to its original condition.  This trenching and refilling process can take a lot of time, labor, and materials, making it an expensive repair for any homeowner.

Trenchless pipe repair, on the other hand, uses the best in modern technology to fix and install pipes and water lines without digging a trench.  Instead, two small holes are dug on either end of the problem (which can be located using a sewer cam and tracking devices).  A pipe-bursting tool and a winch are used to replace faulty pipes with brand-new ones; this process causes a fraction of the property damage that comes with trench digging, and it costs up to 50% less.

If the thought of using trenching to repair your sewer line is making you cringe, contact us at Fox Plumbing & Heating to ask about how trenchless technology can save you time, inconvenience, and money.  Our experts can repair Seattle and Bellevue area (King County) broken lines or install new ones with minimal disturbance to your landscape and your home.


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  1. Well, now I know that I can't ever do this kind of maintenance myself. Thanks for putting this up here, though. I'll definitely be looking into this if we have any winter pipe problems again. The winter is not kind to our plumbing. Thiago |
  2. Hi, Thank you posting blog on trenchless sewer repair it is really very helpful. Thanks