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Toilet plumbing problems

Some issues to watch out for:

The toilet is a common site for plumbing troubles, some of them causing minor inconveniences and others signalling deeper problems.Seattle Toilet

When encountering an issue with your toilet, use your best judgment. If the problem is minor enough and you've successfully dealt with it before, you could try fixing it yourself. In many cases though, especially if you're not sure what to do or if the problem is more persistent and pervasive, it's best to get professional help.

Backed up toilet. Toilets get backed up from time to time, and if the clog is superficial it can usually be handled with a plunger. Sometimes, however, the toilet stays backed up in spite of your best efforts. The location of the clog can differ, possibly situated deeper in the plumbing, and the object causing the clog could range from a clump of toilet paper to a child's toy. What you also need to watch out for is a toilet that's frequently getting backed up, as this could indicate that there's a serious problem with your sewer line.

Low water pressure. There are a number of reasons for low water pressure in your toilet, which results in a weak or ineffective flush. One of the toilet components such as the fill valve may be broken; there may be a problem in the pipes, such as a build up of deposits. Maybe there's a problem with the water pressure in your house as a whole, and you need to get your pressure regulator investigated.

Leaks. When the toilet springs a leak, it could come from many places, such as one of the toilet's seals. For instance, if water is dripping out from under the tank every time you flush, there may be a leak in the seal between the tank and the toilet bowl. Water can also leak out from under the base of the toilet as the result of a faulty flange.

Persistent foul odors. If your toilet keeps giving off foul odors, there could be a number of problems. One issue might be that the wax ring at the base of the toilet is worn out and letting sewer gases into the bathroom. There may also be a crack or blockage in the bathroom's vent pipe, or buildups or blockages in your drains. If you're experiencing a sewer gas smell (often reminiscent of rotten eggs), don't hesitate to get it looked into, as there are circumstances in which sewer gas leaks could be dangerous.

When you have concerns about your toilet, you should get them addressed by experienced professionals who'll be able to get to the heart of the problem quickly and fix it. Contact us to discuss your problem and receive prompt and effective service.

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