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Tankless Water Heaters – Go Green And Save Energy

Are you looking for more ways to reduce your energy costs? One of the ways you may not have considered is to install tankless water heaters as a replacement water heater or as an additional water heater in new construction or remodeling.endless hot water

Tankless water heaters provide hot water on demand and don't store hot water in a tank. They don't burn expensive energy keeping 40, 50 or more gallons of water hot until you need it. A relatively small unit is mounted on the wall and generates hot water most efficiently to a nearby faucet. You save money by not heating water you aren't going to use immediately.

Tankless water heaters are not perfect for every situation, but if your installation meets certain criteria, it's a perfect solution, saving money and energy.

  • If you have a bathroom that is a distance from your tank water heater, a tankless heater installed nearby can produce hot water just for that location. This would eliminate the long wait for hot water coming from a distance and lower your energy costs. Paired with a new energy saving shower head, cold showers would be a thing of the past. It also would be great for filling a whirlpool tub.
  • Is your clothes washer a distance from your hot water heater? This is another example of closer being better. Having a tankless heater close to the washer means you will actually wash a load of clothes in hot water rather than cold. Otherwise the washer might already have been filled with cold water before the hot could get there.
  • Do you have a summer cabin or second home that you visit infrequently? A tankless water heater is a perfect way to have hot water when you arrive rather than having to turn on the tank heater and wait several hours for the water to heat up. Keeping the tank water heater going while you are gone is a costly waste of energy.

For these and many other situations, tankless water heaters are an energy friendly way to always have the hot water you want when you want it. Contact us at Fox Plumbing and Heating so we can recommend the best product for your needs. Our highly trained service technicians can install, maintain or repair any of your plumbing or heating appliances with professionalism and pride.

David Brown-President

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  1. A tankless water heater can supplement a normal water radiator in a far off area, or it could be utilized for all your heated water requirements. The normal life of water warmer is 13 years. The way things are can't be changed living with the choice you make now. Provided that you pick a water heater that saves you cash, the savings will proceed for a long time.