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Signs your Main Sewer Line may be backed up

Seattle sewer line King CountyWe receive many phone calls from homeowners with what seems to be something small. They often think that having a drain snaked or cleaned can get their shower draining again. Here is a list a just a few things you can expect to see when there may be a problem with your sewer line, along with some examples of what could be causing you the problem.
One thing to remember is putting a camera down a line is not always as useful as it sounds. Once the camera gets to where the blockage is the screen will go black. It is important that the line is clear and taking water before trying to view the bigger picture.

  • Water pooling on the floor near fixtures, such as a toilet.
  • Muddy brown water resurfacing from a drain.
  • Toilets and/or sinks bubbling when they are being used.
  • Waste from your kitchen resurfacing in a drain in another point in your drainage system.
  • Drains are slow
  • Sewage coming from the ground in your yard.

Decay of the concrete, clay, or cast iron pipe of your sewer line over time may cause it to fail.

Things like cracks, breaks, or offsets may have occurred. We have all heard of home settling, while this does not exclude your outdoor plumbing. Most concrete pipes are installed in sections, if a section has settled and had gotten lower than another section of concrete pipe, your sewer line now has created a dam, causing solid materials to get caught on this offset.

Be aware that roots may have broken through your line. This is a common problem especially if you have trees in your yard.
If you ever experience any of these problems or something similar be sure to call a professional.

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