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Making Sure Your Seattle A/C is Working this Summer

Making Sure Your Seattle A/C is Working this Summer: Do-it-Yourself and Professional Tips

Summer in most parts of the U.S. means taking the cover off of your a/c in an attempt to keep your home cool. But what will you do onAC cooling Units a 100-degree day if you find that your air conditioner isn't working properly? Some things could have been done on your own earlier to properly maintain your a/c. In more complicated cases, your air conditioning issues are going to require professional service.

Air Filters

Cleaning or replacing your air filter is the simplest way to keep your a/c functioning in a basically appropriate way. Most air conditioners make it simple by having the air filter inside an indoor panel with a cover that easily snaps off and back on. Wash the dirt and other particles off of your air filter under a sink where food isn't nearby. Wipe the filter with a paper towel, let dry, then place back into the panel.  

Check the Condensing Unit

This part of the a/c creates the cooling in your home. In certain situations, a tree, bush, or other plant could be blocking the condensing unit. Go outside your home and check to make sure there's no obstructions. It might mean doing some pruning before summer season begins.

Drainage and Suction 

Obstructions can occur on the drainage or suction lines of your a/c. These can sometimes be taken care of on your own by simply cleaning them. Although yearly maintenance on your air conditioner can scope these issues out to save you time.

Leaking Refrigerant

It's time to call a professional if the refrigerant in your a/c is leaking or low. This makes a huge difference in how your air conditioner functions and in how cold you can make the airflow. A qualified technician will be sure your refrigerant charge matches that of what your a/c model requires.

Failures of the Electrical System

You'll know that the fan controls and compressor system are going out when your a/c starts turning off and on without any human intervention. Be sure to call a technician in to fix that before a heatwave hits, because he may be busy when the heat strikes. With a maintenance check before summer, corrosion in the electrical system can be caught and cleaned before electrical failure occurs.

If you find that your a/c isn't working properly, or you'd like a new cooling system, contact us today so we can provide service or installation before the heat becomes unbearable. Seattle Air Conditioning through Fox Plumbing & Heating serves the Seattle, Washington area where customer guarantees on our repairs and services come first.


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