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Fox Plumbing and Heating Saves The Day

Fox Plumbing & Heating
Comes to the Rescue in Magnolia, Seattle

The Heating and Plumbing Professionals at Fox Plumbing & Heating are known as many things to our community.  Some call us friends, neighbors, knowledgeable professionals, full of sage wisdom, but sometimes we get to wear the name hero.  That was the case in Magnolia a few weeks ago when Kyle B. was called out to help with a sewer spot repair.  The issue was that a marriage was in danger and he needed to come to the rescue. There was a young couple scheduled to be wed on August 15th, and the bride’s parents were hosting the entire wedding party at their home, and they needed a spot repair for their sewer line.  The sewer line was plugged up and their toilets were back flooding, and this was causing a major problem.


What is a Sewer Spot Repair?

KyleSewer Spot Repair – a practical and economical alternative to replacing an entire sewer. This is how it sounds, repairing just one spot in the sewer pipe. By repairing the broken, cracked or damaged sewer pipe, it eliminates infiltration and ex-filtration while adding structural integrity of the sewer line.

The parents of the bride called Fox Plumbing & Heating because they needed help fast. They needed someone who could identify the problem and give them a solution quickly. Fox sent out their #1 estimator, Rick M. to review the problem. He ran a camera down the sewer line and identified a crack in the line. The crack was under the driveway, and the only way to access it was by jack-hammering up the concrete. The concern wasn’t that spot needed to be repaired, or that the job was particularly difficult. The crack had caused the sewer line to become plugged up, and stop draining. Rick M.The other problem was that with the wedding party arriving on Thursday night and the wedding occurring Saturday. This meant that the sewer spot repair had to be done by end of day Wednesday.


How Did Kyle and Fox Save The Day?

Rick knew that there was only one man to call when a job had to be done quickly and professionally – he called in our own Kyle B. to save the day. Kyle worked for two straight days, with help of Jason from Fox, to jackhammer up the driveway, dig up the sewer, preform a spot repair, back fill it and pour fresh concrete. By Wednesday afternoon, Kyle had fixed the sewer spot repair and even worked through a rain storm to lay the concrete and make sure it was done properly.


When it was all said and done the wedding was a success, and no one even knew that Kyle had been there fixing a problem. Our Plumbing Professionals aren’t here for recognition or the glory. Our crew is here because we know that there are times when you need someone you can count on getting the job done, even when you’ve got other things on your mind. Fox Plumbing & Heating provides peace of mind that the job will be done right the first time.

Fox Plumbing & Heating

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