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Save Your Landscape with Trenchless Sewer Repair!


A damaged sewer line could mean huge costs to you! This is due to the fact that contractors usually have to dig up high dollar landscaping in an effort to find the culprit area of the pipe. Suddenly a relatively small issue has just turned into a massive undertaking; trenches are dug, pipe is ripped out of the ground, and new piping is installed. However, thanks to cutting edge technology, this is no longer the case. New technology has allowed pipe repair companies to tackle pipe issues trenchlessly by using a newly developed inspection and repair equipment, named the Pipe Bursting system.  

Fox Plumbing & Heating can locate issues and repair your sewer mainline pipe without digging up your property. Using the CCTV Sewer Pipe Inspection System, our professionals can travel the length of your sewer mainline virtually. This system can send back digital images of the pipe's condition in real time. Once the camera system identifies the problem area, it can be repaired or cleared using cutting edge trenchless equipment. 

The camera inspection system and the Pipe Bursting system allows your neighborhood plumbing professional to do just about anything, it records information and plays back real-time footage, thus allowing the plumber to write out detailed reports and begin the repair process. 

In addition to sewer inspections, plumbing professionals can also use video technology to diagnose drain issues within your home. This technology is also able to locate and identify cracks, leaks, breaks, damaged or worn joints, sources of clogs, roots in the line, or a collapsed pipe. 

The video inspection and the Pipe Bursting system allow us to save you thousands of dollars in landscaping needs. Including costs associated with landscape damage and structure repairs.

For more information on trenchless sewer inspection and repair, sewer line repair, and sewer line replacement then contact the professionals at Fox Plumbing & Heating. We proudly serve King County and the surrounding areas.

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