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Tree Roots In Drain Pipes “Rooter Service Seattle”

Tips from the owner at Fox Plumbing and Heating: Plumbing Issues During Summer: The Complex Problem of Tree Roots in Your Drain Pipesrooter service Seattle

Plumbing issues go on year-round, but it can be argued that the summer is the busiest time of year for plumbers. Everything from the replacing of water heaters, fixing jammed garbage disposals and unclogging washing machine hoses frequently happen during the summer months. However, one of the worst summer plumbing problems is the issue of tree roots that grow and attach to drainage pipes.

Why Do Tree Roots Grow Around Water Pipes?

This happens when a tree is planted too closely to a house. Certain types of trees have root systems that expand exponentially and have to find a water source. Water pipes are what the tree roots will typically find first to gain the nutrients they need. Because most water pipes aren't solid enough to withstand the power of tree roots, the roots can break through and start growing inside. In turn, this causes drain backups in your bathtub, toilet or sinks.  

Calling in a Plumber

The quickest fix for this problem is calling a plumber to come in and use a snake to clean out the drain. When the snake is used, it eliminates the tree roots that were growing in the pipe. What it doesn't do is eliminate the entire tree root system growing nearby. Within six months to a year, those tree roots will simply grow back into the pipe and cause the same issue again.

For those who don't want to eliminate the tree, it means having to call in a plumber once a year to address rooter service. This can create considerable inconvenience, particularly if you need to take a shower before an important occasion and the drain becomes backed up.

Take Other Plumbing Suggestions Seriously

If the plumber recommends you take a tree down to prevent serious damage to the drain pipes, then take heed to avoid a costly bill. The important thing is to not plant trees so close to your house and provide them plenty of water to prevent the roots from seeking out other water sources. It's a good plumbing summer tip if you've bought a new house and are just now planting trees around your yard.

Contact us if you're experiencing tree root problems on your drain pipes in the Seattle, Washington area. At Fox Plumbing & Heating, we cover every plumbing issue, including drain and sewer cleaning. With customer service second to none, we guarantee your Seattle rooter service work will be done right, no matter how many times your drainage system is affected by thirsty tree roots.

David Brown-President

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