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Repiping Seattle ? Is your home ready for pipe replacement…

Know when its time to replace pipes in your home.

Subjects covered:

Galvanized pipe

Copper replacement pipe.

Pex replacement pipe.


Leaking pipes

Restricted flow

pex or copper repipe Seattle WA

Pex or Copper Repiping Seattle ?

Pipe replacement or Seattle Repipe


My name is Chad.
We are going to talk today about when you need to repipe your drain and waste water.
We are going to point out a couple different things.
First thing we can show you is like these water pipes.
This is what is called galvanized water pipe.
This stuff (galvanized water pipe) has about a fifty year life span.
And after about ten years it gets rusty.
If you notice on these joints right here.
It starts turning colors.
And that’s when you get the water leaks.
You see it all up in here (around the joints).
See that this pipe is about to fail.
See this crusty stuff right here (around the joints).
This will leak anytime.
This water pipe needs to go.
And these here are galvanized drain lines.
Same thing here, you have rusty pipe.
Not only is it going to leak, but the inside is totally clogged with rust.
So you are loosing flow for your water delivery and your drainage.
That’s why you get backed up drains.
That’s why you get low flow.
That’s why your faucets in your house are getting clogged.
This house here has already been gutted down.
But when you do need a repipe, your are not taring all the walls open generally.
Its usually not as difficult as most people think.
Its usually a two or three day project to replace all the pipes in your house.
And then you have brand new pipes that you don’t have to worry about.
You don't have to worry about them getting clogged up and you then have good flow.
And then your wife or significant other won’t be mad the you have bad flow anymore.

My name is Rick.
And what we have been talking about today is some of the things you want to look for when repiping.
This home that we are dealing with here has galvanized water pipes.
What I want show you right here is the main water supply.
This thing with the orange handle is called a gate valve.
And it is the main shut off to the water supply to the house.
Now we know we are already re-plumbing this because of the age of it.
It has leaked before and is showing signs of failure.
But also what happens is when you turn one fixture and the flow is fine.
Turn on a second or third fixture and the water goes down to nothing.
This is a sign the pipes need to be changed.
They are very restricted full of rust and we are going to get them out of here.

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