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Plumbing winterizing tips – Fox Plumbing & Heating Seattle

Tips to winterize your homes plumbing

Year after year people face a plumbing disasters in their home.winterize plumbing pipes Seattle King County Plumbing winterizing tips

A great deal of these can be prevented by taking a few minutes to check on a few problem areas in your home before cold weather shows up here in the greater Seattle and King County areas. Follow these tips to winterize your home to prevent disaster.

Please feel free to share this info by print, email or Facebook with your friends and family to save them from the headache and expense involved from trouble that is easily preventable.

Find Your Main Shut-Off Valve!

  • Imagine your heart sinking feeling you would have if you walk in to your home see a broken pipe creating water damage. Would you know where the main shut-off valve is? Let the family know where it is and label it in case of emergency.

Helping to Prevent Frozen Water Pipes:

  • Seal drafts around fixtures.
  • Insulate pipes.
  • Turn off the water to outside spigots then drain water from the line.
  • Drain in-ground lawn irrigation systems. (Check manufacturer instructions for best method.)
  • Report broken or missing meter lids to the agency that handles your local water service to help prevent frozen meters.
  • Your thermostat should be no less than 55° F or shut off your main water valve to protect pipes if you plan to be away for very long periods of time.
  • Run water from all faucets in your home occasionally throughout the winter to prevent freezing.
  • Disconnect hoses from outdoor spigots.
  • Allow heat into every room of your house.
  • Open cabinet doors under sinks to allow more heat.

Actions To Take If Pipes Freeze:

  • Open the cold water faucet nearest the break to relieve pressure from expanding ice in pipes.
  • Wrap towels soaked with warm water around pipes to safely thaw them.
  • Intense heat will cause pipes to crack or burst, so no hair dryers or blow torches.
  • During extreme cold snaps let a little water trickle each valve in the house.

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Home plumbing winterizing tips - Fox Plumbing and Heating Seattle

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