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Pest and Plumbing

Plumbing Issues Caused by Pests

Sewer ratsYou may not see the connection right away.

But there are plenty of cases where pest create plumbing problems in homes.

Rats can be the suspect behind leaks in pipes, hoses and have been known to cause fires by chewing on wiring.

Norway rats which there are many of in the Seattle area have been known to swim up sewer pipes and pop up in toilets and frighten people. This entry point can be blocked with a one way flap valve that lets waste water pass but stop rats in their tracks.

Rats and mice looking for a entry way into your home may discover that your toilets wax ring although a little chewy offers slight resistance. Or chewing through plastic pipes to gain entry. These problems require an exterminator to deal with infestations. And with the experience to investigate where pest are finding opportunity to invade your home and advise you of corrective actions to take.

It's not unheard of for leaks under washing machines to be from mice making holes in the water or drain connections which are normally made of soft material and easily damaged. An added danger of this is all the electrical parts under a cloths washer. The dryer can be a target too as rats and mice make their way through the exhausts vent (or the lack of one) and lint being gathered up for nesting material can create a blockage that causes your dryer to overheat.

According to local pest control company Paratex one tell tale sign of infestation is a musty odor that often presents itself when rodents have built a nest, most times with your homes insulation. And be aware rodents can produce 4 to 7 litters a year and with as many as 8 in a litter, it won't take long before you are vastly outnumbered by pest looking to literally eat you out of house and home. Make sure your home has the proper safeguards to prevent pest from gaining access and creating problems for you.

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