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A Primer On Permits

A repipe of interior walls, or outside water main, may require special permits.


As a homeowner who does a lot of DIY projects, the one area that should be off limits is anything having to do with major plumbing issues, such as a repipe inside or to the main.King County plumbing permits


For example, if you’re doing a re-pipe of an interior wall that happens to be a firewall, or maybe there’s damage to the shear walls then, most likely, you’re going to need separate permits, which is crucial step best left to a plumbing professional.

As such, it’s important to note that replacing water pipes just isn’t about plumbing, but it also brings in the necessity for grounding (electrical) and a bonding system.

In short, any re-piping must also meet specific electrical codes to assure proper grounding and bonding throughout.

“But I’m going to replace my main iron, water-line with non-metallic piping”

Still, measures must be taken to alert future maintenance(plumbers) that the structure includes a “non-metallic water service;” this, after an approved grounding system has been put in place---and inspected. Then, the old pipe can be replaced with, say, an approved (Schedule 40) water line.

Depending on your locale, the water pressure may be such that it exceeds what is considered ‘normal’ for your area. For example, let’s say your water pressure exceeds 80 PSI (pounds per square inch), which can be considered on the high end.

If so, then you’re plumber may have to install a pressure regulator to bring it down to 80 psi or less.

As you can see, repiping is not a one-dimensional process as a lot of different factors can come into play.

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David Brown-President

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