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Neighbors Helping Neighbors

Neighbors Helping Neighbors in
Auburn and King County

Dave ADavid A., one of our plumbing professionals, found himself in a tough spot the other evening.  He was returning from a job in Auburn, and he was taking Auburn Black Diamond Road when he was “run-off the road.”  David had been doing a mainline service for a Fox Plumbing & Heating customer.  He had been on the job most of the day, and had just finished up.  He was on his to way to his final job of the day, around 5pm.

As anyone who’s ever driven along Auburn Black Diamond Road knows, it is a really curvy road that is named because it leads to Black Diamond, a coal mining town.  As he came around one of the many blind curves he saw a car heading directly towards him, in his lane.  David acted quickly and veered off the road onto the shoulder to avoid a head-on-collision.  His Fox Plumbing & Heating van went off the road and into the leaves that have been falling since the beginning of October.  He was able to safely stop and avoided the accident, but his van was off the highway and stuck in the soft shoulder and mud, which had been hidden by the leaves.  David said, “I was trying to slam the brakes, but I could feel the ABS system trying to correct so that I didn’t lose control of the van.”  After regaining his calm from the fear of having an accident, he called Fox Plumbing & Heating’s dispatch to report the problem.

Q13 Auburn Road Landslide ImageThe Fox Plumbing & Heating team are always here and ready to find solutions, they responded immediately to help out a member of the family.  One of our heating and AC specialists was close by and had the means to help pull his van back onto the road.  However, thanks to the kindness of a passing stranger, David only had to wait about 20 minutes to get back on the road.

As David sat on the side of the road waiting for his teammate to show up, a stranger in a large diesel truck pulled up next to David’s van.  The stranger got out and noted that he knew Fox Plumbing & Heating, and if there was anything he could do to help.  Within 10 minutes he had gotten David’s van out of the mud and back on the road.  When David offered to pay him for his assistance, the stranger just responded, “Helping neighbors is just a part of the privilege of owning a diesel truck.”

Fox's Green CNG TruckThis blog is dedicated to that neighbor who helped out one of our Fox Plumbing & Heating professionals when he was in a difficult place.  We all have unforeseen issues that occur, but knowing that people recognize our guys and are willing to stop and help, that says a lot about our company.  That’s why we work so hard to provide our neighbors, friends and customers with a premium quality of service.

“Fox Plumbing & Heating is always here to help with an emergency, and it’s nice to know that our neighbors, friends and family are there for us.” – David N. Brown, Owner and President of Fox Plumbing & Heating.

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