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Money Saving Tips from Your Neighborhood Plumbering Professional

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Here in Washington we pride ourselves on being very green, and also great at finding ways to help keep our costs down. Homeowners are always being made aware of our utility costs, and how they always appear to be rising. Well the Fox Plumbing & Heating professionals are here with a few tips on how we can help you keep your costs down.


First, while doing your own plumbing is a great way to save money, hiring a professional plumber is an excellent way to ensure that the work is done correctly. It’ll also ensure that there are no leaks that can lead to costly repairs later. Scheduling regular and thorough inspections may help prevent faucet dripping Extensa Faucetor pipe leaking and may help to identify other minor problems before they become major ones.

While fast-running faucets, are faucets without flow restrictions, are enjoyable to have, they aren’t very efficient or green. And they do to lead to higher utility costs. Fox knows that you can replace those faucets with water-efficient faucets. And you’ll probably never even be able to tell the difference, except that your monthly utility bill will be less.

Another great way to reduce energy costs for your home is to install a tankless water heater. It’s easy to see the benefits immediately from this improvement to your home as you’ll only be paying for water as it’s heated. In most cases, tankless water heaters can reduce utility costs by over 40%.

Finally, having regular inspections from a Fox professional will help you to identify fixtures that may need to be replaced before you find yourself with unforeseen repairs.  We also inspect waterlines for leaks, check to see if repiping is needed, and dye test your tiolets.  All of these things can lead to huge savings on your utility bills.

We’ll continue to bring you money saving tips. But if you want to get all of our tips right now then Contact Us today at (206) 767-3311 and schedule an inspection with our plumbing, heating or air conditioning professionals.

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