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Fox Plumbing & Heating and Lafayette Elementary

Fox Plumbing & Heating Helping Neighbors in West Seattle

This week a member of the Fox Plumbing & Heating crew went out to West Seattle to the Lafayette Elementary School to help them with building a garden and a place for children to have an outdoor classroom.

David N BrownDavid Brown, owner and president of Fox Plumbing & Heating has always lived by the motto that community is the foundation for great environments. And because our mission statement is, “It is our sincere desire to give our customers premium service every time. We treat our customers like our friends and family, and plan on having a lifelong relationship with them.” David asked Kyle to go and help out a local elementary school in Seattle. Lafayette Elementary School needed help building a garden for the kids. David is also a native of West Seattle. He was born in West Seattle and has spent his entire life living and being involved in this community, which is why their ask hit so close to home for him.

“We’re truly grateful to Kyle and Fox Plumbing & Heating for coming through in a pinch with this project. When I spoke to Kelley, Fox was happy and even eager to help out our school.” - Ellen Zoffel, an involved parent at the Lafayette Elementary School who volunteers with the music program

Lafayette GardenLafayette School, originally named West Seattle School, opened in 1893. It is one of the oldest schools in Seattle. Today the public elementary school is host to a diverse student body, but like many public schools they have struggled with funding over the past few years, that’s where Fox Plumbing & Heating stepped in to help. A few weeks ago, a representative from Lafayette Elementary School called Fox. She asked if we’d be willing to come to the school and help with a plumbing issue that needed to be addressed before they could begin building the garden for the children. The school had approached several other plumbing companies, but they were either unable or unwilling to assist. Fox Plumbing & Heating jumped at the opportunity to help a local school and the community.

The Issues for West Seattle’s Lafayette Elementary School:

  • The school wanted to build a children’s garden to teach students about environmental science, the water table, ecosystems and the importance of being a Green Community.
  • Currently, students have to walk 3 blocks to a local park to be able to learn about environmental science.
  • To begin this process a hose bib had to be replaced and tested due to an out-of-date and broken sprinkler system that had to be removed.

Kyle_2014Kyle arrived at the school on June 4th and had the new hose bib put in place, and he finished the work in less than an hour. Kyle installed a frost free hose bib to help insure that it wouldn’t freeze or crack during the winter. He even took the time to educate the maintenance staff on how to ensure they get the most out of the life of the hose bib.

“When you’re community needs your help, you should always be willing to answer the call. I’m very lucky to have such a great crew that they jumped at the opportunity to help those in need.” – David Brown, Owner and President of Fox Plumbing & Heating

Now the Lafayette Elementary School in Seattle can educate students on garden science, soil types and habitats of insects and animals without having to travel several blocks to the local park.

From all of us at Fox to all of the students at Lafayette Elementary School, 'Thank you for allowing Fox Plumbing & Heating to help you with your education, future and community.'

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