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How to shut off gas to your home in an emergency

Plumbing Ideas, Tips & Safety For The Seattle Area Home

Would you know what to do if you had a gas leak?
In less than two minutes John from Fox Plumbing and Heating will show you how to safely shut your gas of at the meter.
Check out the video and you'll have piece of mind that you can protect your family and home in an emergency.


Hi I’m John with Fox Plumbing and Heating

Today I’m going to go over ways to shut off your gas in case of a gas leak

or if you smell gas in your home

Quite typically your gas meter is going to be on the side of the house

this time it happens to be on the front of the house

So you are going to want to find your gas meter

which is a good thing to know before you have a leak of course

Typically the valve is on the first fitting coming out of the ground.

So if you come up here, there it is right there. (pointing to valve)

Its a ball valve style

so when it is inline with the pipe

that means it is in the on position.

When you want to turn it off grab any old wrench

I’m using a crescent wrench today

Turn it to where the slot is perpendicular

most are going to have a set of wholes for lock outs.

So when it is in the perpendicular that’s off

To turn it back on you turn it back in the opposite direction.

So it is in line with the pipe.

So now if you ever have to turn your gas of because of a gas leak.

You are going to want to call a professional to come take a look at it.

You don’t want to turn the gas back on

You’ll want to have a professional come take a look at it.

Know once you have turned it off and had someone to come take a look at it
you are going to want to re-light all your pilot lights.

So we will show you how to relight a pilot light (next video / blog post)

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