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How to know if you have picked the right service company

You should expect a certain level of professionalism in service companies.

One very good indication that a company is going to treat you with courtesy and your home with care is by the details that they have prepared for before they dispatch a crew to your home or business.

One of those details are shoe covers to protect your home or office floors and carpets.

Just as the old adage of that a restaurants bath room is often a reflection of their standard of cleanliness. Shoe covers are often a reflection of a service companies commitment to courtesy and quality service. Shoe covers have been standard issue to the crews of Seattle Plumber, Fox Plumbing and Heating has for many years now.

In this interview David and Vicki expound on this quality trait and how to handle a company that doesn't meet this standard.

David: In our company, for instance, all of our guys use little booties or shoe covers, and I know that the customers appreciate that. Because I get the calls all the time and they are surprised a lot of times. Our guys put the booties on to cover their shoes. But that's what anybody should expect today. Most service companies. That are quality companies are gonna supply their crew with these little shoe covers, it's a part of our industry now and in any service industry all of us are very much aware of it. We've been doing it for many years now, so I would think that anyone should expect to see that, if they don't, That's probably indication of maybe the companies not of the standards that maybe you want to have in your home. That's a big deal. It would be a big deal to me todayᅠ

Vicki: Well what do you say if that happens? Somebody comes traipsing through your house with muddy boots?

David: Well, I would certainly stop them and ask them if they have any shoe covers in the truck. They should have. I mean I would hope that the guys any crews coming in would automatically would think to put them on, but if they see somebody coming in that is not putting them on. They should probably stop them and ask them if they have them and if they don't, you should probably decide if that's a the kind of company you want to deal with. Quite frankly, any good companies today should have, shoe covers for all of their crews.


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