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Hearing, Smelling and Seeing Signs of Trouble from Your Neighborhood Plumbing Professional

img supplie by pixabaySome plumbing issues are a quick and easy fix, but sometimes even the smallest clog can cause an unsightly eruption of a backed up sewer.  Whether you live in Seattle, Bellevue, Bothell or Sammamish, no one wants to deal with sewer line issues.  Especially when they can be very costly to repair ranging from $200 to upward of $6,000 depending on the damage done.  Your neighborhood plumbing professional from Fox Plumbing & Heating is here with a few clues to help you be on the lookout for.  This will help you in preventing a hefty bill and a smelly outcome.

Below are a few helpful tips on how to diagnose a potentially serious plumbing monstrosity.  Issues with your sewer can be diagnosed by using your primary senses: hearing, smell and sight.

Image provided by Giuliamar an PixabayHearing
Keep your ears open for gurgling noises from your toilet and drains.  Once you hear gurgling, you’re actually listening to your sewage backup and create clogs.  Although this may start as a minor issue, a clog could end up completely blocking your drain line.

If your sewer problem has surpassed the hearing test and started grazing your nose, then a sewer repair is likely in your midst.  The smell of rotting sewage (sewer gas) throughout your home is a result of a main line clog, which could be a costly repair depending on the amount of work that needs to be done to access it.

The last sewage-senses test is sight.  A backed-up sewer line can cause water to seep out the base of your toilet, or bubble up from your bathtub drain or floor drain. Even if the leakage looks clear, it could result in a putrid mess down the road.  If you have a basement, make sure you pay attention to wet messes.  Often times a sewer backup will cause water to pool in the basement or leave leftover toilet paper remaining on the floor.  If you start seeing sewage pooling in your yard or downspouts, immediate action must be taken.

If you’re the least bit concerned about a suspicious clog or have witnessed evidence of a sewer problem, let your friendly Neighborhood Plumbing Professionals help you.  Fox Plumbing & Heating provides a full line of drain cleaning,sewer repair services and drain line video services across King County, including; West Seattle, Ballard, Queen Anne and Mercer Island.

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