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Gas Furnace Replacement Seattle Savings Choices

Should I Consider Changing My 10 Plus Year Old Gas Furnace ?

dollars flames Gas furnace Seattle U.S. Department of Energy announced and will implement new efficiency standard for gas furnaces. The fuel efficiency rating will go from 80% to 90%. ( AFUE ) The new standard will become effective May 2013.

90% furnaces are a great choice. You can lower your carbon footprint, they are much quieter, and many manufacture and local utility rebates are available. To make hi efficiency work, we have to change the exhaust venting to pvc versus the metal exhaust venting from your older 80% model. Pvc cannot tie into metal venting.

90 furnace King County Rheem DealerIn some cases, this is not a problem. But what if your furnace is located in a basement, or a closet? Maybe you live in a town home or a condo? In some cases it is very difficult to install this type of venting. In fact, as of May 2013 it will be mandatory. How will this effect you? To install these types of furnaces, if venting is difficult, you could possibly add several hundreds to a new installation. You may have to open up walls, or ceiling, or relocate furnace and ducting? You may have to build a chase, and involve another contractor to enclose and paint.

Because of this new standard, our suppliers are depleting there inventories so they are not stuck with these models that cant be sold. It will be against the law to sell or install anything less than 90% efficiency beyond May 2013.

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