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4 Tips to Decide if You Can DIY Plumbing

4 Tips to Decide if You Can DIY Plumbing or Need to Call an ExpertDIY Plumbing Seattle Plumbing Blog

Let's face it - the cost of home repairs, including plumbing, has skyrocketed along with everything else and cutting costs is everyone's main priority. But not every home project can be fixed by an amateur. Sometimes, a novice can cause more damage than there originally was. Sometimes, however, the problem is minor and may have an easy fix.

Here are 4 tips to determine if the plumbing problem is a minor DIY or if you need to call a professional:

  1. Does it need a permit? - Depending on the job, you may be required to have a permit. If you're planning on moving any existing plumbing, a permit will be needed. In cases such as this it may be best to call a professional since, along with a permit, there are building codes that need to be followed. A professional plumber will know exactly if and what permits are needed and will be responsible for following building codes.
  2. Clogged drain - Most people think of a clogged drain as being the easiest plumbing problem to fix. The biggest problem with that theory is that all too often clogged drains become a major issue when a nonprofessional tries to fix it. Even if you think the drain can be easily unclogged with a drain cleaner it is always best to get the advise of a professional before trying to correct the problem on your own.
  3. Main line issues - If your toilet is backing up into your tub or shower than you most likely have a clogged main line. Although, with special equipment a do-it-yourselfer can attempt to fix the problem. However, incorrect use of the equipment can cause far more damage than you can imagine. In this case, it is advisable to leave a main line to an expert who knows plumbing.
  4. Replacing a shower valve - Usually, if you know anything about plumbing, replacing a shower valve is not exactly rocket science. But if you're not sure what type of valve to replace it with or are unsure about replacing it, call a professional. Don't risk damaging your walls because you took a chance on the wrong type of shower valve or installed it incorrectly.

Everyone wants to save money. Knowing when it's appropriate to cut corners is the key to success. As with any DIY project - if in doubt, call for help. If you are need of a plumbing service don't take the chance of creating a bigger problem if you're unsure, please contact us.


David Brown-President

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