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A Day At The Races

Fox Plumbing & Heating Takes
A Day to Enjoy Emerald Downs

Near the end of every summer, Fox Plumbing & Heating takes a day away from the world of work to just enjoy our community. Twice a year the owner of Fox Plumbing & Heating, David Brown, treats his team to a day of relaxation. This year the Fox Plumbing & Heating team went down to Emerald Downs for a day at the races.

A Sunday at the End of August

David N BrownThe day began at 1:00pm with the company area on the lawn, where all the Fox team met up for lunch and drinks. Each employee is encouraged to bring their families along so that David has a chance to see how everyone is doing. For David, the employees are extended members of his family, and he likes to check-in with everyone to know how they’re doing. He organizes the event and ensures that it runs smoothly. He does everything from greeting wives and husbands to spending time with kids. David enjoys having a chance to see all the employees children and chatting with them about what’s new in their lives.

The rest of the Fox team takes the time to catch-up and chat about life and work. When you’re a plumbing professional or a heating and cooling specialist, you never have the time to sit down and chat with each other. The team has a chance to see each other three mornings of the week, but two of those days are ongoing training and one is an internal team meeting. So having time to just relax and talk to your colleagues almost never happens. But these days are different because we have the chance to stop and spend time together, as a family.

Winning at the Races

When each of the Fox team arrives at the races, David gives them each $100 to spend on the race day. The idea is it gives everyone the opportunity to go a little crazy and be a little wild. Throughout the day the plumbers and HVAC techs were treated to lunch and a full day of races. The horse races give us all a chance to cheer and enjoy the afternoon. At the end of the day, Fox Plumbing & Heating sponsored a purse that the hoarse, One Smart Girl, won. It was a great way to end a relaxing Sunday at the races. One of the perks from the Purse was the opportunity for several employees to go down and have their photo taken with the winner. In the picture below there are a number of our friends and family at the Winners Circle.

Fox Plumbing & Heating Races

The big winner of the weekend was Chad F. who won more than anyone else at the races, including picking One Smart Girl, who was a longshot in the final race of the day.

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