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Checking-In with Our Young Plumber in Training, Part 5

The Story of a Young Plumber in
Training at Fox Plumbing & Heating

It’s been several months and an entire summer since last we checked in with our Professional Plumber in training at Fox Plumbing & Heating. As he moves towards his year-and-a-half at Fox, we find our young trainee beginning to do jobs on his own. Two weeks ago Matt D. was put on a solo dispatch for a leaky exterior faucet for a customer in Seattle.

The Issue: A Leaking Exterior Faucet at a Residential Home in Seattle

MattMatt was sent to a local Seattle home at around 3pm to assess the situation. After arriving, he reviewed the problem and then discussed the options with the homeowner. He provided an estimate and he got to work fixing Suzanne’s plumbing issue.


The Solution: Dug Up the Galvanized Faucet and Replaced It With a New Exterior Faucet

As Matt sat across from me discussing how he fixed the problem and the steps to ensure that the process was done correctly, I realized something. Matt was using plumbing jargon terms like, black polyethylene, cutting out the galvanized pipe, silcox valve, etc. I could tell that he is beginning to sound like a professional plumber. When he first arrived at Fox Plumbing & Heating he was so green that he didn’t know the definition of a side sewer. Now he throws around technical jargon as though it’s part of his daily vocabulary. It’s great to see a young plumber learning the ropes and watching them grow into a seasoned expert.


Outcome: The Customer Appreciated His Hard Work and Gave Him a Review on Facebook

SuzanneMatt said that he was nervous at first, this was his first outing on his own. He’s managed a number of jobs in the past, but this is the first one that he was left in charge of from beginning to end. Once he got on the job he just went into the mindset that he’d be taught at Fox Plumbing & Heating. He identified the problem, accessed the home owner’s concerns, provided options and an estimate. He explained to Suzanne the process to fix and other options for the problem. They agreed on a solution, and Matt got to work. He fixed the problem and then cleaned up after himself. Finally, Matt had Chad L., Fox’s Service Manager, review his work to ensure it was done properly. When he left it was like Fox Plumbing & Heating had never been there. The entire time he treated Suzanne like David Brown would have – like a friend, neighbor and/or member of his family.


Question: What are you interested in learning next?

“I’m really interested in learning more about Tankless Water Heaters. They’re really interesting and can really help homeowners with their monthly bills. Plus they offer endless hot water to homes. But right now I’m excited to have the opportunity to do the lead on the directional drill for water line pulling. I’ve spent the past year learning how to, now I’m ready to take the lead on this process.” – Matt D., Professional Plumber in Training at Fox Plumbing & Heating

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