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Carbon Monoxide – The Silent Killer

Plumbing and Heating Tips from Your Neighborhood Plumbing Professional: Carbon Monoxide

As part of our ongoing series,  'Tips from your Neighborhood Plumbing Professional' we noticed something at a customers home that you should keep an eye on.

Carbon MonoxideA few weeks ago a customer in Kent called-in seeking help with a finicky furnace and a water heater that had stopped working.  When Fox’s plumbing professional Bobby M. arrived at the residence, he discovered a potentially alarming scenario.  The venting leading back to the house was almost completely clogged forcing exhaust (CO2) to back-up into the home from the water heater & furnace. Typically, clogs of this nature will cause the furnace and water heater to shut down. However, in more severe situations, they can melt plastic components on the equipment or even worse, leak carbon monoxide throughout the household - Carbon Monoxide Poising (CDC) is a silent, but deadly killer.

Although Carbon Monoxide is colorless, odorless and tasteless, it is incredibly toxic.  Since it’s difficult to detect, the poisonous gas can begin its killing cycle before you’re even aware of it.  That’s why your neighborhood Plumbing Professional at Fox Plumbing & Heating is here to help.

Fox suggests the following preventative measures:

Carbon Monoxide Detector

  1. Install a Carbon Monoxide detector near every gas-fired appliance.  An alarm will go off whenever the gas starts seeping- long before it starts infecting your living space to the point of asphyxiation.
  2. Take a gander at the top of your water heater.  If it appears burnt or contains melted plastic, you either have an incorrectly-graded system, and under-sized water heater, or a clog that could lead to Carbon Monoxide poisoning.
  3. If you’re suspicious of any Carbon Monoxide leaks, call Fox immediately and let our plumbing professionals diagnose the situation.

Each year Carbon Monoxide claims hundreds of lives; it’s time that you have your gas-fired applications checked by a plumbing professional. Fox Plumbing & Heating provides a full line of service for your furnace, water heater and baffle tube exchangers. Call Fox Plumbing & Heating today to preserve the life of you and your loved ones, and prevent the silent killer.

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