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Journey of a Young Plumbing Professional, Part 4

A Year in Training at Fox Plumbing & Heating:

The One Year Mark for Our Young Plumber in Training

Matt-Now_2When Matt D. joined Fox Plumbing & Heating, he was responding to a help wanted ad to be a plumbing helper.  He knew nothing about plumbing, or what it would take to be a plumber at one of King County’s largest plumbing & heating service companies.  After one year, he has learned a lot, and is much more comfortable around plumbing and engineering than he ever thought he would be.  Over the past year he’s become a key part of the water line replacement team and is now part of Fox’s ‘Dream Team.’

Jose is Fox Plumbing & Heating’s lead on water line repairs, with over 15 years of plumbing and water line experience.  He is one of the most skilled trenchless water line replacement professionals in Seattle, Bellevue, Kent and all of King County.  As the lead for the Fox Plumbing & Heating water line team, it’s his job to ensure that every water service that Fox meets the guarantee from David Brown.

“If you have a problem with anything that we do, we’ll bend over backwards to make it right. I personally guarantee it!”David N. Brown, President and Owner of Fox Plumbing & Heating

Matt-NowWhen asked what the most important thing Matt has learned this year, he said, “It’s all very important.  I have to know each piece of what I do to be able to do my job properly.”  He went on to explain that his knowledge of all the different parts of doing a water service are important.  Each step allows him to work seamlessly with Jose.  Knowing exactly what Jose needs and have it ready before Jose has to ask makes completing a job in half the time possible.  Matt said, “When I started with Jose, it’d take us four-to-five hours to do a job, now we can knock-out two water services in that amount of time.”

This type of training has helped Matt to understand all that goes into planning and executing a water line installation.  He even feels confident when pricing out water lines. Part of learning to be a plumber means being able to look at a project and to estimate the total cost.  Matt has been working this knowledge into Fox’s ongoing training classes. “These classes are really great, because I can learn as I go along. When I’m able to take my test for my Journeyman’s license, I’ll already have a wealth of knowledge.” Matt has already worked up a quote for a re-pipe with our head estimator that was accepted.

This past year Matt has been doing locates, and assisting with feeding piping for the water lines. Fox Plumbing & Heating is planning that in his second year he will begin training on directional drill so that he can lead a trenchless water line repair.

Chad L., Fox Plumbing & Heating’s Service Manager, said, “Matt has come a long way in his first year, we really want him to succeed and we think he’ll make a great plumber, with a little more direction.”

Matt Now

Matt Now

Matt Then

Matt Then

As Matt’s first year draws to a close with Fox Plumbing & Heating, his hope is to continue to learn and grow in year two. “Fox has helped me to find a professional direction, and they have given me the responsibility to make me feel like I’m really helping people. I’m really enjoying being able to become focused in the very respected trade of plumbing.”

Remember, if you want to keep small problems from becoming big ones, Think Out of the Box… Talk to Fox!

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