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5 Tips to Keep Your HVAC in Good Shape this Summer

Your air conditioning system will be working overtime in the hot summer Seattle - Bellevue area months to keep your house cool. Follow these tips to ensure your heating, ventilation and air conditioning unit (HVAC) is working at its best:

1. Don't let your HVAC wSeattle HVAC Bellevueork more than is necessary. And don't let your house get too hot before turning it on. Air conditioners can only cool your house by 20% without overloading, so it's key to regulate your home temperature so as not to stress your unit. Keep doors and windows closed when your AC is turned on, and keep shades and curtains drawn on very hot days. Avoid having direct sunlight streaming in through doors and windows. As much as possible, don't operate other heat-generating appliances in the daytime when your AC is going to be working.

2. Replace your air filters on a regular basis. Do this at least once every 3 months, but more often if you have a large family, have pets or are prone to allergies. Experts estimate that you can reduce your energy cost by as much as 10% by keeping up on this task. And the cleaner air will benefit your family's health as well.

3. Keep your thermostat constant. Changing your thermostat's setting constantly can result in inefficiency. If you wish you can increase the temperature by a few degrees in the day time while you are away. When in cooling mode, switch on your AC fan to prevent hot or cold pockets from forming. This can also help prevent your condenser from icing up.

4. Keep your outside unit free of dust and dirt. Clear plants and other items from around its perimeter for at least 12-18 inches. Ensure also that indoor vents remain unobstructed to keep air circulation going.

5. Schedule regular tune-ups Have a reliable HVAC technician perform maintenance checks on your unit, preferrably before the beginning of summer. Fox Plumbing and Heating is an award-winning provider for cooling, heating and plumbing services in the Seattle and King County areas. Our fully certified technicians are on call for your convenience 24 hours day, 7 days a week.

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