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5 Great Plumbing and Heating Tips

Revisit These 5 Do It Yourself Plumbing and Heating Blog Posts

Remind yourself, share or catch these tips that might have got away!5 great plumbing and heating blog posts

Over the years the Seattle Plumbing Blog has offered some great advice on handling various plumbing and heating issues.

We thought we would list a few great post that will help you deal with problems from minor annoyances to what to do in plumbing and heating emergencies.
Take a few minutes and get some tips every home owner should know!

Solve Odor problems coming from your sink drains.

Notice some strange smells coming from you sink? Find out whats behind it and better yet discover some good ways to manage it. And get your sink drain smelling clean and fresh again.

Would you know how to shut of your water heater in an emergency?

Step by step instructions on how to turn off your hot water heater when there is a problem. Follow these preventative steps to protect your home from further damage. Easy to follow video that walks you through how to handle your water heater.

What if you had a major leak in your home?

Would you know where to locate your water mains shut off valve and how to turn it off?
Spend a few minutes to get the knowledge you need to save your home from thousands of dollars of water damage.
Watch the video and have a plan in case of emergency.

Would you know what to do if your home had a gas leak?

We will show you how to safely shut your gas off at the meter and or who to contact if a gas leak occurs.
This one of those must see posts that are important to the safety of your family. Spend just a couple minutes watching this video and you will know exactly what to do if this situation ever arises in you home.

Dealing with a plugged toilet is no fun. But here is on of the quickest ways to fix it.

Here is a technique that can unclog that toilet and get you back to more pleasant things.
Using a plunger the right way can quickly solve the problem.
Doing it the wrong way can make the problem even worse.
You'll be a “clog ninja” after learning the power of the perfect plunge!

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  1. Great advice, really informative stuff.
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  3. Awesome advice i like it... Thanks for publish this post.
  4. Good advice and thanks proving them. I am not a person who wants to do plumbing jobs myself unless they are the very basic and have less risks of going wrong. I always call the professional plumbing services in Toronto named Green City plumbers, who are close to my house and does the job without any issues. Though I am not a DIY person, I always look for problems that can cause troubles and tips like this can help me with it.