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2016 Toilet Trends For The Home

Toilet Designs and Trends for 2016


Fox Plumbers Share the Top Toilet Trends for 2016

Toto_HeatedDesign trends extend throughout the house, even to your bathroom fixtures. If you are thinking about remodeling in 2016, or just getting a new toilet, here are just some of the amazing features to consider.

Toilet Enhancements for Comfort and Cleanliness

Technology has tackled almost every possible issue we could have with a toilet and even some we never imagined. Newer features available from innovative companies such as

Toto's Include:

  • Hands free drying with air jets inside the bowl
  • Bidet or wash spray options to eliminate paper, with adjustable water temperature and self cleaning nozzles
  • Touchless flushing, including retrofit kits
  • Air freshener seats with fan and replaceable scent packs
  • Self closing lids
  • Heated seats
  • Lighting or music features
  • Self cleaning toilets which spray wash themselves after every flushq3-lightedSeat

Options abound and often many of these can be found in one model. Catching on quickly is touchless flushing also known as auto-flush. Public restrooms from airports to gyms use touchless toilets as they are more sanitary and well, folks don’t have to remember to flush. You can implement this in your home with a newly installed touchless toilet, or on some older toilets (no dual flush) by getting a touchless flush retrofit kit. These do have some limitations in terms of models that can be accommodated. Our licensed and bonded journeyman plumbers can provide and install these to ensure proper functioning.

Reflect Your Design While Staying Sensible

According to one of the top trends in bathrooms over the past year has been remodeling to reflect the design of the rest of your home. This includes the tile, fixtures, lighting and color. To support that, toilet, tub and fixture manufacturers are providing a broader array of styles and matching accessories while not sacrificing the water saving features customers want. Environmentally friendly low flow toilets have come a long way since the 1980. Today’s dual flush and enhanced flush technologies, allow for strong flushing capability in 1.28 or even .9 gallon per flush toilets. Brands such as Kohler and Toto combine that superior performance with a variety of design styles.

Meet Everyone’s Physical Needs

Bathroom fixtures, especially toilets, are no longer one size fits all. Whether there are young kids, adults, persons with disabilities, or seniors in the house, toilets are no longer all the same height, size, operating mechanism and design. For example, Toto’s philosophy is to provide flexible, accessible functioning, simple and intuitive use, safety and comfort, all with low physical effort.Their Wyeth line of products demonstrates that they have made an accessible product that is also beautiful. At Fox, we support this and believe that creating products to serve different needs will make our customers happy.

Fox Plumbing & Heating’s journeyman plumbers are here 24/7 for all of your plumbing needs. They are experts at sourcing and installing the latest plumbing fixtures. Contact us for more information about these and other toilet products.

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