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10 Energy Savings Tricks

10 Brilliant Little Tricks to Manage Your Energy Savings

Are you looking for mundane or ho-hum tricks to manage your  energy savings? Preposterous! You're looking for brilliance, and we have that ready for you. Here are 10 tips and tricks to save you money, while still keeping you warm, as the mercury drops.Brilliant Energy Saving Ideas Seattle, King Co.


  1. Put a rug down. It's really that easy. Cover as many bare floors as you can with rugs. They will insulate, stop drafts, and maybe even add some style.
  2. Don't crank up your thermostat all at once. Instead, gradually raise it. When you quickly raise the temperature your heat pump will activate its heat strip, which uses more energy and costs you more money.
  3. Keep your thermostat set to around 70 degrees during the day, and around 65 degrees at night.
  4. If you have a fireplace, close the flu and install glass doors to keep in the heat.
  5. If you use a portable or space heater, use them sparingly. A 1500 watt heater is an energy hog.

Water Heater

  1. Always wash with cold water. Seriously. Modern laundry detergent doesn't care what the temperature is, and you'll save about 40 cents a load.
  2. Check your hot water pipes for any leaks. It goes without saying that leaks will cost you a lot of money if left unmanaged.
  3. Keep the first six feet of the hot and cold water pipes that connect to your hot water heater insulated. It will increase your comfort while keeping your costs under control.
  4. Wrap your water heater (old or new) with an insulator wrap. A hot water blanket can save you hundreds of dollars a year.
  5. Set your hot water temperature to about 120 degrees. You won't notice a difference, your dishes will still get clean, and your wallet will be fatter.

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