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AC Updated For Manufactured Homes

Fox Recommends Ductless Splits To Cool Your Manufactured Home

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At Fox, we realize that most of our blog articles are about traditional single family houses, but we haven’t forgotten our customers in manufactured homes. The need for air conditioning in the summer can be greater in manufactured homes as they tend to be less insulated, and warmer. Fox’s HVAC team has the perfect solution – a ductless heat pump.

Manufactured Home Comfort Issues Can Be Year-Round

Customers in manufactured (mobile) homes often report these issues to our HVAC Specialists:

  • Extra heat in summer and cold in winter from lower insulation and poor duct condition.
  • Excessive noise from neighbor’s window AC units in summer
  • High cost to run electric heating and air conditioning

For cooling, big single window air conditioners can be used, but they are loud for you and your next door neighbor. For heating, most have either baseboard electric or electric “furnace” (aka air handlers). The heating costs can be very high in the winter, due to the limited insulation of your home.

Another aspect of living in a manufactured home is that there is a crawl space under the house. Depending on conditions, this can expose pipes and ductwork to weathering and rodents. Leaky ducts will lower the amount of heat that actually gets to you and increases your bills as you turn up the thermostat to compensate.

There are many senior communities with manufactured housing, and we tend to be more sensitive to heat and cold as we get older, making our bills even higher. One of our manufactured home customers had electricity bills of over $700/mo last winter.

Why Ductless Heat Pumps Work For Manufactured Homes

Fox’s HVAC technicians recommend ductless heat pumps as an excellent solution for manufactured homes. Ductless heat pumps do both heating and air conditioning with state of the art energy efficiency.

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PSE electric customers, who are using electric heating, may qualify for a $1200 rebate when you install a ductless system through Fox Plumbing & Heating. This rebate is higher than the one for a “stick built” house because the utilities know your electric bills are higher!

A ductless heat pump reduces the cost of heating by up to 50%, which for most families means it will pay back the investment to install one. A backup heat source will be needed for times when temperatures get below freezing and the heat productivity of the ductless is lower. So, we don’t remove your baseboards or electric furnace.

It is compact and whisper quiet, so you and your neighbors will barely know it’s on. The system includes one outdoor unit that sits right next to the house and 1-4 indoor units. The indoor fan units are usually wall mounted and adjustable in each room by a remote control. We think that once you experience this control over your indoor comfort you will never want to heat and cool another way.

Our HVAC Specialists will determine how many indoor units will be needed to properly heat and cool your home, based on the square feet and layout of the house. An indoor unit placed in a main living area can heat or cool up to 1000 sq ft.

If you are ready to get cool with a ductless heat pump, talk to Fox. We’re a qualified contractor for both Seattle City Light Rebate Program and PSE CAN Rebate Program.


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