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Fall Is Coming

The Fall and the Rains are Almost Here

Seattle RainSeattle has already experienced record-breaking rainfall this year in April. With the end of summer coming next week, we are due for more rain as we move into October. In April, we broke a 122-year-old record for rain of over 44.67 inches since October of 2016. These seven months were the wettest on record since they began keeping records in 1895.  These constant rains can and have caused flooding, mudslides, and other rain-related issues. While we can’t prevent flooding, there are actions we can take to keep our basements, drains, and homes safe from the coming rains.

Sewer Backups in Seattle and King County

Many times, the reason that your sewer backs-up into your home is due to heavy rains and tree roots. Unfortunately, if it’s the city sewer system that is backing up, all that we can really do is wait for the rain subside and survey the damage. If your main sewer line is backing up, it’s always a good idea to have a plumbing professional come out and jet and clean your sewer lines. While there, they can camera the line to ensure there aren’t any roots, breaks, or bellies in your sewer line. If we do find any issues, then we are here to help and offer solutions. Also, you should be aware of what you are responsible for and what the city is responsible for regarding your sewer line. In Seattle and King County, you are responsible to the saddle or the sewer main. In some cases, this can be all the way into the middle of the street as it is with many homes in Seattle.

Flooded Basement in Seattle and King County

If your home sits in a low-lying area where the water drains toward your home, then your home is more susceptible to flooding. It’s extremely important to make sure you have a sump pump. Our professionals are more than happy to come to your home to ensure that you have one and that the sump pump is operating properly.

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