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Emergency Gas Shut off and Earthquake Valves

How to shut off natural gas inside your home and out

Video Transcript:
My name is Chad I'm with Fox Plumbing and Heating.

Today we are going to take a look at some of the isolation valves to shut off the natural gas in case you have a natural gas leak in your home.

If you don't know what natural gas smells like.
They add an odor to it that makes it smell like rotten eggs.

If you smell it and it seems bad enough or you hear a hissing noise, then you should evacuate the home immediately.

If it something where you can isolate the valves then there are certain valves you would see for your water heater, furnace, gas stove, gas fireplace this is a valve you might see.

This called a “gas cock valve” its a ball valve when the handle is in line with the pipe its open and when the handle is cross ways with the pipe then it is shut (off).

Another kind that works the same way is the “ball valve”. When the handle is in line with the pipe its open when its cross ways its shut. You’ll find this type of valve again water heater, stove, dryer anything that takes gas.

Another you might find is a “gate valve” the “righty tighty lefty loosey” type (like you would see on an out door faucet). So if you are going “righty tighty” until its all the way tight then it is closed.

Know another good thing that you can have put on your gas meter is an “earthquake valve” .
Especially on the west coast.

You have this installed on your gas meter and have it put in for a reasonable price.
And if there are any kind of disturbances or vibrations in the earth it shut this valve (automatically). So you don't have any potential gas leaks in your home. Because when there are gas leaks that’s when fires (in a natural disaster) get started and are hard to put out. So an earth quake valve is a very good thing for the western part of the country.

(Outside at the meter)

This here is the gas meter that you would find on the outside of your house.
This is where the main shut off is.
You'll need something like an adjustable wrench to shut it off.
It (the valve) has a ball valve, like I showed you before.

What you are going to do is, you are going to put this on the slot like this. And tighten your adjustable wrench.
There are two eyelet holes where the gas company can put a lock on there if somebody doesn't pay their bill, the can lock the meter.
Know you are just going to turn it ninety degrees until those eyelets match up.
That way you'll be able to isolate the gas to the home.
Know that being said this is just if you can see an immediate problem and you know where the gas is coming from. Gas is a dangerous thing, do not use any cellphones inside the home or open flame.
Evacuate the home and all the people there.
Contact your gas company and then your local plumber to deal with the leak or any repairs that need to be made.