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Do’s and Dont's of Plumbing Safety

Plumbing Safety Tips

No one can argue with that fact that plumbers have a very important job. The plumbing that runs through all of our houses is an intricate system of pipes that serves two purposes:

  • It separates you from things that you don't want int your house (outflow).
  • It brings in a natural resource that we need (inflow).

It is also no secret that plumbers oftentimes work in potentially hazardous environments, around all sorts of harmful substances like: lead, sulfur dioxide, asbestos, mold, adhesives, solvents, solder; around open flames, natural gas, and combustible materials; are exposed to biohazards like raw sewage; and have the possibility to be exposed to toxic animal droppings that can cause sickness and disease. And if that's not enough, they also have to put themselves into all sorts of contorting positions, bend and kneel all day while working in confined spaces, and to top it off, they usually have to do all of this alone. Overwhelming isn't it? This is why if you're going to attempt any do-it-yourself plumbing or repair in your home, following proper safety guidelines is an absolute must.



  • Work impaired (e.g. tired, ill, under the influence)
  • Improperly use tools or chemicals
  • Ignore building and safety codes
  • Carry tools in your pocket, especially sharp ones
  • Ignore the smell of natural or sewer gas

Staying within the realm of safety can save you from sickness, your home from disaster and more costly repairs, and keep you and your family out of harms way. If for any reason you feel that what you've started can't be finished by you, and you are way over your head, never be afraid to call a plumber for help.

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