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Bellevue Heat Pumps

Bellevue Heat Pump Repair and Installation

Heating Sales & Service

Call today for an emergency Bellevue heat pump repair or estimate on a new heat pump.Bellevue Heat Pumps

Summer months in your Bellevue home can be much more comfortable with a heat pump system. Heat pumps will keep your home at a constant temperature. And in comparison to an old window style air conditioner, heat pumps deliver the kind of energy efficiency your bank account will thank you for.

Fox Plumbing and Heating has been serving Bellevue and the surrounding areas since 1964. With proven commitment to customer service we are the smart choice for your heating and air conditioning systems.

Heat Pump Maintenance

Over time heat pumps need to receive care to keep them running correctly and to avoid total failure of the system or components. With Fox Plumbing and Heating you can schedule maintenance to make sure you avoid future break downs. Just as important you can keep your heat pump running at efficient levels that save you money on energy and keep your home as comfortable as possible with as little effort as required by your heat pump. We handle the cleaning, adjustments, and parts replacement that are required by your systems manufacture suggested service and or required by your manufactures warranty.

Heat Pump Installation

Are you leaning towards a heat pump to replace your homes current heating unit?
Fox Plumbing and Heating's Heat pump pro's can help guide you to the right heat pump for you.
We show you the options and let you decide whats best for your home and your budget.
Ready to upgrade or replace your current heat pump. We'll get you set up with a newer more energy efficient heat pump that will save you plenty over the next few years.

For all of your Home or Business Bellevue Heat pump installation or repair needs dial (425) 747-5942

For more saving and energy efficiency learn about Tankless water heaters Bellevue!


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