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Live in or around Renton? Think out of the box... Talk to Fox! Call our friendly professionals today to see if you qualify for a Free estimate on a home water line or repipe. The plumbers at Fox are extensively trained and experienced to do the job right - the first time. We will work with and your budget to ensure that your home's water line repipe is affordable and efficient. Our plumbing professionals will get the job done in a timely and professional manner, preventing as much discomfort as possible.

How Can You Tell If Your Home Needs A Repipe?

When your home is in need of a waterline repiping, there are a couple common signs. Being able to identify these signs will allow you to address your piping needs before they cause damage in your home.

  • Rust Colored Water - One of the first most common signs that you need a water line or repipe is if the color of the water coming out of your faucets is not crystal clear. If the water has a brownish tint, almost rust colored, you need to quickly consider repiping because it could be rust washing off the insides of your pipes. Pipes will rust when you have galvanized pipes in your home. Most of these have been replaced now as we no longer have galvanized pipes in homes.
  • Low Water Pressure - Another common sign that you need to consider repiping your home is if your water pressure has gone down significantly and stayed down. Low water pressure can cause washing machines to fill up slowly, shower heads to not spray as hard, and faucets to trickle.
  • Water Leaks - Leaking pipes are also a common sign that it is time to repipe your water lines. If you are constantly repairing leaks, as quickly as you get one fixed another one happens, it is time to repipe your home. And beware of a plumber who doesn't offer you a quote if they have been out to your home to do several spot repairs.
  • Old Piping - If your home is 40-50 years old and has never had the waterline repiped, this is another sign you need to consider a waterline repiping. Pipes are like many other things in homes, and once they reach between 40 and 50 years old, it is usually time to consider replacing them or anywhere in King County.

These are the primary reasons to consider a home repipe. There are other indicators to consider when examining your home pipes, but why do it yourself when you can call a plumbing professional at Fox to provide you a free estimate if you live in Renton.

What Types of Materials are Used for Water Line Repipe Service?

There are a couple different common materials used for repiping. These materials are copper and PEX. Galvanized steel was the go to for piping for many years. In the recent years, galvanized steel has become less and less popular because of the fact that water can deteriorate this piping over time.

Copper pipes are still a common choice for homes throughout the area. Benefits of using copper pipes include:

  • It can handle high temperatures
  • It doesn't rust
  • It is very economical

PEX pipes are the newest type of piping for homes, and have become one of the leading piping used in homes. Benefits of using this piping include:

  • PEX is flexible plastic
  • No fittings are necessary to connect piping
  • There will be no corrosion down the road in the piping causing leaks within the house

Should you choose to install PEX piping for your waterline repiping project, we will help you save with our 10% discount on whole home water line repiping services.

What are The Benefits of Our Services?

When it comes to water line repiping, the benefits greatly outweigh the cost. When you have our professional plumbers repipe your home, you will enjoy:

  • Added value to the house
  • Crystal clean water at all times
  • Evenly spread water flow at all times
  • Elimination of nagging leaks
  • Increased water pressure in the home
  • Peace of mind knowing your pipes are working

So if you are ready to enjoy the many benefits that come with Seattle repiping solutions, be sure to give us a call today! We will provide you with prompt and affordable services that will have your homes piping up and running in no time.

Are you looking for the very best Seattle water line repiping services? Call us at (206) 309-4240 and get affordable and efficient repiping services for your home today! We guarantee to do it right the first time, or we will come back and fix it for FREE!

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