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Back to School – HVAC 101

Fox’s HVAC Specialists on Preparation for an Energy Efficient Season

It’s back to school time when we work to prepare our children, teens and college students for success in the upcoming semester. The same is true of energy saving for the winter – a little preparation and the right tools can lead to big success.  Our HVAC Specialists are passionate about saving energy, and in our HVAC 101 post, we have three basic tips that will help you capture those savings as soon as the temperature drops.

Tip 1 – Maintain your existing HVAC equipment

Having preventative maintenance on your heating equipment and tankless water heater can do several things for your bottom line. There’s a reason the industry calls a heating maintenance a “tune-up”. Similar to a car tune-up, the HVAC Specialist checks, cleans and recalibrates today’s more sensitive heating equipment, so that it continues to provide the energy efficiency that it is rated for.  Making sure that the parts are functioning properly can correct uneven wear or clogs, preventing more serious and costly repairs down the road. Maintaining equipment before it starts up in the fall ensures that you get those energy savings and best heating performance for the whole winter. The cost of professional maintenance, and the wait times to get an appointment by an experienced contractor such as Fox’s HVAC Specialists, can increase as you get into the winter months.

Tip 2 – Don’t turn down the thermostat when you see a high heating bill

When fall comes around and our heat kicks on, that first gas or electric bill can be a bit of a shock. Since most Seattle utilities show a comparison to last year on the invoice, you can see whether you are using heat differently or your equipment is performing differently. A more expensive bill could signal a fixable inefficiency in your system. For example, your heat pump or furnace may be running more to produce the same or less heat than it used to because a part is clogged, malfunctioning or about to fail. Before your equipment calls it quits on a cold day in February, contact a Fox HVAC Specialist for a diagnostic/repair appointment. A maintenance appointment improves the performance of a working unit, so ask for a repair, not a maintenance when things aren’t quite right.

Tip 3 – Try out a programmable thermostat that fits with your system

Studies have shown that programmable thermostats that are set to reduce heat while you are out, can save up to 10% of heating costs. The key is to ensure that the thermostat you choose works correctly with your equipment. While Nest thermostats are very popular to use these days, they do not communicate well with some older model equipment. There are excellent choices from Honeywell that your Fox HVAC Specialist can install for you, which are easy to use, have phone apps, and will help you save on energy costs.

To learn more about saving energy and lowering your heating costs, talk to Fox. We’re serving Seattle 24/7 offering expert maintenance, repair, and installation of heating equipment.

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